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Kim Il-chol (born 1933) is a former member of the North Korean National Defence Commission of North Korea[1] and former Minister for Defence.[2]

Kim Il-chol
Revised RomanizationKim Ilch'ŏl
McCune–ReischauerKim Il-cheol

He was born in Pyongyang in 1933.[3] He graduated from Mangyongdae Revolutionary School and the "Soviet Union Naval Academy".[3] Although the North Korean army mainly depends on ground troops, Admiral Kim who was commander of the Korean People's Navy since 1982[4] was installed in the highest military position of the head of the Minister of the People's Armed Forces in 1998, filling a vacancy left by Choe Kwang, who died in February 1997, something that indicated that he was fully trusted by Kim Jong-il. Kim Il-chol participated as a senior delegate in the inter-Korean Defense Minister’s meeting held for the first time since the division of the Korean peninsula in September 2000.[5]

Kim was appointed to the National Defence Commission in 1988. He was removed from all positions in 2010, reportedly due to his advanced age.[1]


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