Khuenre (Khuenra) was a Prince of ancient Egypt of the 4th Dynasty, named after the Sun god Ra.

Prince Khuenre
Statue of prince Khuenre,[1] Boston, Massachusetts
Burial placeTomb MQ 1 at Giza
TitlePrince of Egypt
Parent(s)King Menkaure
Queen Khamerernebty II


He was a son of Pharaoh Menkaure and his sister, Queen Khamerernebty II.[2] He was a grandson of Khafre and Khamerernebty I and great-grandson of Khufu, the king who built the Great Pyramid of Giza.[3][4]

He was a secretary and "sole companion of his father".[5]

He was the eldest son of his parents, but he was not Menkaure’s successor.[6] This was Shepseskaf.[7]

Khuenre is buried in Menkaure’s cemetery (MQ 1). He is depicted as a young boy standing in front of his seated mother on the south wall.[5]


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