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Kfar Maimon (Hebrew: כְּפַר מַיְמוֹן, lit. Maimon Village) is a religious moshav in southern Israel. Located near Netivot and covering 5,000 dunams, it falls under the jurisdiction of Sdot Negev Regional Council. In 2018 it had a population of 340.[1]

Kfar Maimon

כְּפַר מַיְמוֹן
Kfar Maimon is located in Northwest Negev region of Israel
Kfar Maimon
Kfar Maimon
Coordinates: 31°25′54.83″N 34°32′10.67″E / 31.4318972°N 34.5362972°E / 31.4318972; 34.5362972Coordinates: 31°25′54.83″N 34°32′10.67″E / 31.4318972°N 34.5362972°E / 31.4318972; 34.5362972
CouncilSdot Negev
AffiliationHapoel HaMizrachi
Founded byBnei Akiva members


The village was established in 1959 by a gar'in of Bnei Akiva members and was named after Yehuda Leib Maimon, a signatory of the Israeli declaration of independence and the first Minister of Religions.

In 2005 the village was the site of a non-violent standoff between tens of thousands of protesters against the Gaza disengagement plan, with police encircling the protesters who had started in Netivot to stop them from continuing their march to Israeli settlements in the Gaza Strip.[2] The mass influx of demonstrators overloaded mobile telephone and other services in the small agricultural village.

The French High School Lycée Thorani is based in the village.[3]


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