Kevin Bulmer

Kevin Bulmer (1962, in Solihull – 12 November 2011, in Tettenhall), also known as Kev Bulmer, was an English artist, game designer and president of the graphic design and video game company Synthetic Dimensions, which was co-founded by him in 1985.[1] Earlier in his career, he was a contributor to White Dwarf magazine.[2] In 2009, Bulmer was given an honorary degree by the University of Wolverhampton for being a "pioneer of 3D image technology and computer games development", in particular for developing "a world-leading two-dimensional (2D) to 3D image conversion system which has been used worldwide by companies such as Nike, Reebok, Peugeot, Disney, EMI and Newline Cinema".[3] Bulmer announced his plans to re-enter the video game industry in 2008,[4] but died in 2011 of prostate cancer.[5]

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