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Keshava (film)

Keshava is a 2017 India Telugu crime action thriller film written and directed by Sudheer Varma.[2][3] Produced by Abhishek Nama, it features Nikhil Siddharth, Ritu Varma in the lead roles, with dialogues by Krishna Chaitanya, Arjun-Carthyk, music composed by Sunny M.R., Cinematography by Divakar Mani [4], edited by S. R. Shekar, and movie released on 19 May 2017.[1]This movie completed 30 days run

Keshava movie poster.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Sudheer Varma
Produced by Abhishek Nama
Written by Sudheer Varma
Starring Nikhil Siddharth
Ritu Varma
Isha Koppikar
Music by Sunny M.R.
Cinematography Divakar Mani
Edited by S. R. Shekar
Release date
  • 19 May 2017 (2017-05-19)[1]
Running time
117 minutes
Country India
Language Telugu



The movie begins with a family of 4 going in a car when they are suddenly hit by a police car. The woman dies on spot and the man is heavily injured. A police officer comes out of the car and has a look at them when the injured man asks for help but the police officer ignores and tells other officers in the car to keep moving forward. Keshava, the boy in the car is also alive. He is shocked to see his family dead right in front of his eyes.Then he wakes up in a hospital and starts to search for his family members, where he gets to know that his parents are dead but his sister is alive but has lost her legs. The movie now moves to the present where Keshava (Nikhil Siddharth) is in a forest road walking and asking for lift. Then a man on bike gives him lift. After moving some distance he stops along roadside to attend the nature call and Keshava kills him on the spot. Keshava now tells us about himself that he is a law student who has his heart on his right side, and an increase in his heart rate may result in his death. He thus can't play sports or do anything that may get his heart rate up, so he has to do everything calmly, even a murder. A fisherman happens to be on a boat catching fish near by the river area where Keshava killed the police officer, when he sees the murdered body hanged to a tree near the river. He calls the police immediately, and they arrive and try searching for some clues, where they get to know that he was a police officer. Keshava is now in his college. Satyabhama (Ritu Varma) now joins the college and is in the same class as Keshava. Satyabhama is Keshav's childhood friend, but he doesn't speak a word to her. After the class, Satyabhama hears someone call out Keshava, and again has a doubt whether he was her long lost childhood friend. She goes to him and asks him, but he disagrees. The police still try finding clues, but aren't successful. The commissioner now appoints a special officer called Sharmila mishra (Isha Koppikar) to solve this case. Keshava now sees another police officer, and remembers him from his childhood, when his sister and him were admitted in the hospital, and that police officer searched them to kill on the order by someone.Keshava had then run away with his sister, but now, he follows the police officer and kills him in a stylish way. Officer Sharmila reaches the spot and sees the police officer's body hanged to a construction crane. She then concludes that the culprit of both these murders is the same, and that he is trying to communicate with them. She says so because the culprit could have hidden both the bodies easily, as the murders took place in secret areas, but the culprit chose to hang them. She studies both the bodies, and concludes that the culprit is left-handed, which actually happens to be true. In the college, Satya as well sees Keshava writing with his left hand, and is sure that he is her long lost friend, but doesn't understand why he doesn't agree. She follows him for a couple of days, and sees him reading newspapers about murders about police officers. She takes the attendance register from the person and sees that Keshava was absent on both the days when the murders took place. She reaches his home and makes him admit that he is her long lost friend. Keshava, Satyabhama and his friends go to Annavaram and there he comes across another police officer (Raja Ravindra) and recognises him to be the one who had left his family to die even after seeing their status. He reaches his home and after a small fight, he kills that police officer as well. But while escaping, he is seen by two other people who throw a stone towards him causing an injury on his head at the back. When he returns his room, his friends confront him to which he confesses his past and his activites. His friends decide to join hands with him and help him. Due to the clue of his head injury, he gets caught next day and police takes him to Visakhapatnam for interrogation. During interrogation, he completely denies murdering anyone and to his surprise, ex cop (Rao ramesh) is again attempted to murder while he is in custody. So he gets released.After that keshava meets the officer he says that he is one of the officer who are responsible for his parents death. He explains that they were came to security in election duty after completion of election Nakul(ajay) and his co. were in drunken state they neglected the request to drive of him instead he droved. Finally they get with an accident. he confess that he tried to stop them but they neglected his words. He saved keshava because this people want to be punished for their deeds and he promise to him that he will help him on whichever extent. Sharmila later meets Keshava and Keshava admits that he is the murderer and tells her that his revenge is not only because of the accident but because that the police team came back and ran their jeep over the bodies of Keshava's family causing paralysis to his sister and death of his parents. And then he kills other officer (Brahmaji), Nakul tries to locate kesava in various circumstances and fails. Meanwhile in an eventual circumstance sharmila got suspicion on the Rao ramesh. He observed it and kidnaps her. At the same time keshava is kidnaped by nakul's henchman on the spot nakul is killed by kesava with the help of one of his henchmen.In a hideout the heated argument between the shamila and rao ramesh he admits that his remaining half truth which he didn't told to kesava. He observed the murders of his ex-colleagues he remembered about that incident. Remaining half truth is that the cops all were in drunken state including him. Actually he was in the driver seat when the accident were took place and he confess that he was the prime culprit behind the death of kesava's parents. He saved kesava because he is a binami holder of nakuls property, if he dies he can take over the properties of nakul and to save himself from kesava. Meanwhile in the process he found the hideout of him and he heard the entire confession of him. Then in a rough chase rao ramesh met with an accident, then kesava meets in the spot and warns him that don't drunk and drive in his next life and he fires the car through petrol and left. Then sharmila makes it as a car accident and finally she closes the case. Then kesava starts a new life with his sister and his lady love.



Studio album by Sunny M.R.
Released 2017 (2017)
Recorded 2016-17
Genre Film soundtrack
Length 17:56
Label E3 Music
Sunny M.R. chronology
Bhale Manchi Roju
(2015)Bhale Manchi Roju2015
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Music composed by Sunny M.R.. Music released on E3 Music Company.[5]

Track list
No. Title Singer(s) Length
1. "Kala Bhairava Ashtakam" Harsha Gudi, Satya Yamini, Sri Soumya 02:40
2. "Telusa Neeku Bahusa" Shalmali Kholgade, Sunny M.R. 03:41
3. "Yedisthe Rarevaru" Arijit Singh 03:45
4. "Po Poradi" Arijit Singh 03:14
5. "Kala Bhairava Ashtakam (Re-Created)" Harshika Gudi, Satya Yamini, Sri Soumya 03:36
Total length: 17:56


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