Kentucky's 13th congressional district

Kentucky's 13th congressional district was a district of the United States House of Representatives in Kentucky. It was lost to redistricting in 1843. Its last Representative was William O. Butler.

List of members representing the districtEdit

Member Party Years Cong
Electoral history
District created March 4, 1833
Richard M. Johnson
Jacksonian March 4, 1833 –
March 3, 1837
Redistricted from the 5th district and re-elected in 1833.
Re-elected in 1835.
Retired to run for Vice President.
William W. Southgate
Whig March 4, 1837 –
March 3, 1839
25th Elected in 1837.
Lost re-election.
William O. Butler
Democratic March 4, 1839 –
March 3, 1843
Elected in 1839.
Re-elected in 1841.
District eliminated March 3, 1843


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Coordinates: 38°30′N 85°00′W / 38.500°N 85.000°W / 38.500; -85.000