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Kenny Begins is a 2009 Swedish comedy science fiction film directed by Carl Åstrand and Mats Lindberg. Johan Rheborg stars as Kenny Starfighter, an aspiring galaxy hero who crash lands on Earth. The film is made as a standalone prequel to the 1997 television series Kenny Starfighter. It holds the record for most special effects in a Swedish film, displacing the previous recordholder, Frostbite.

Kenny Begins
Kenny Begins.jpg
Directed byCarl Åstrand
Mats Lindberg
Produced byPatrick Ryborn
Written byCarl Åstrand
Lars Johansson
Mats Lindberg
StarringJohan Rheborg
Björn Gustafsson
Bill Skarsgård
Pernilla August
Johan Glans
Brasse Brännström
Sissela Kyle
Jan Mybrand
Distributed byS/S Fladen Film
Nordisk Film
Release date
  • 25 March 2009 (2009-03-25)
Running time
87 minutes
Budget$6.8 million


Kenny Starfighter (Johan Rheborg) is probably the most hopeless student that the Hero academics of the galaxy has ever had. His parents Benny (Per Mårtenson) and Jenny (Sissela Kyle) are tired of paying for his studies and give him an ultimatum: Graduate or become a hairdresser at the family salon!

In a despondent hunt for graduation points, he crash-lands on Earth by mistake. He meets Pontus (Bill Skarsgård), a limping and bullied 15-year-old with bad eyesight. Pontus has accidentally found a mysterious and luminary power crystal that has given him superpower and the chance to be noticed by the coolest girl in school, Miranda (Carla Abrahamsen).

While Pontus tries to help Kenny escape from becoming a hairdresser, Rutger Oversmart (Jan Mybrand), the most intelligent man in the universe, finds out that the power of the crystal has been absorbed by Pontus. All he just needs to squeeze the power out of Pontus, and then he will become the most powerful man in the universe. When he finds out that a hero from the galaxy is protecting Pontus, he sends one of the most dangerous bounty hunters, Earth, Wind and Fire, to go get him.



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