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The Kennedy Highway is a highway in northern Queensland, Australia. It runs as National Route 1 for approximately 243 km from Smithfield, on the northern outskirts of Cairns, to the Gulf Developmental Road in the vicinity of Forty Mile Scrub and Undara Volcanic national parks (at Minnamoolka, about 40 kilometres south of Mount Garnet).[1] South of this junction, the road continues as the Kennedy Developmental Road (State Highway 62) to Boulia about 936 kilometres away, via Hughenden. West of the junction, National Route 1 continues as the Gulf Developmental Road to Normanton.

Kennedy Highway

Kennedy Developmental Road

Kennedy Highway and Developmental road 1012.svg
Kennedy Hwy (yellow on black), Kennedy Developmental (green on black)
General information
Length1,179.8 km (733 mi)
Route number(s) National Route 1
(Smithfield – Minnamoolka)
State Route 62
(Minnamoolka – Boulia)
Major junctions
NE end Captain Cook Highway, (National Route 1) / State Route 44), Smithfield, Queensland
SW end Diamantina Developmental Road, (National Route 83), Boulia, Queensland
Major settlementsMareeba, Ravenshoe, Hughenden, Winton
Highway system

Route descriptionEdit

From Smithfield, the highway climbs up into the Atherton Tableland before heading in a general south-westerly direction to the aforementioned junction. The highway is mostly two-lanes. Major towns on, or just off, the Kennedy Highway include Smithfield, Kuranda, Mareeba, Atherton, Ravenshoe and Mount Garnet. Past Mount Garnet, the Kennedy Highway has several long sections of single lane bitumen. The section between The Lynd Roadhouse junction at Conjuboy and Hughenden is mostly unsealed and is also known as the Hann Highway.[2]

For a distance of more than 100 km, from the crossing on the Diamantina River to a point southwest of Middleton, the Kennedy Developmental Road passes across a roughly circular zone measuring some 130 km across that has been identified by Geoscience Australia as a crustal anomaly. Proof is currently lacking as to the cause, but it is believed likely that the anomaly was caused by an asteroid strike that happened about 300,000,000 years ago.

Development proposalEdit

Two northern councils (Etheridge and Flinders) have proposed development of the Hann Highway which would allow for the transport of products from Far North Queensland to markets in New South Wales and Victoria considerably quicker than via existing coastal routes which have rougher terrain and are sometimes impassable due to floods.[3]

Major intersectionsEdit

CairnsSmithfield00.0   Captain Cook Highway (State Route 44) north – Port Douglas /
south (National Route 1) Cairns
North-eastern end of Kennedy Highway (National Route 1) From here to Kuranda the road is more commonly known as Kuranda Range road.
Barron River12.67.8Bridge at Kuranda
Barron River47.329.4Bridge at Mareeba
MareebaMareeba48.129.9Mareeba Connection Road – north – Mareeba
48.930.4  Mulligan Highway (State Route 81) – north – Mareeba and Mount Molloy
TablelandsAtherton80.349.9  Atherton-Herberton Road (State Route 52) – south – HerbertonWestern concurrency terminus with State Route 52
81.050.3  Gillies Highway (State Route 52) (via Louise Street) – north, then east – YungaburraEastern concurrency terminus with State Route 52
83.952.1  Malanda-Atherton Road (State Route 25) – east – Malanda
Scrubby Creek90.156.0Bridge at Wongabel[4]
TablelandsWondecla[5] / Evelyn boundary108.467.4  Longlands Gap-Herberton Road (State Route 52) – west – Herberton
Evelyn117.272.8  East Evelyn Road (State Route 24) – east – Millaa Millaa
Wild River, which becomes
Herbert River just downstream (south) of this point
154.996.3Bridge at Millstream[6] / Innot Hot Springs boundary
TablelandsMinnamoolka243.5151.3  Gulf Developmental Road (National Route 1) – west – GeorgetownThis intersection is widely known as "Forty Mile Scrub" after the national park situated there.
Kennedy Highway continues south as Kennedy Developmental Road (State Route 62)
EtheridgeConjuboy338.4210.3  Gregory Developmental Road (State Route 63) – south-east – Charters TowersThis intersection is widely known as "The Lynd" after the roadhouse situated there.
From here to Hughenden the road is more commonly known by its former name, the Hann Highway.
Flinders River603.7375.1Bridge at Hughenden
FlindersHughenden604.1375.4  Flinders Highway (State Route A6) – south, then east – Charters Towers /
west – Richmond
Eastern concurrency terminus with Flinders Highway
604.4375.6  Flinders Highway (State Route A6) – west – RichmondWestern concurrency terminus with Flinders Highway. Kennedy Developmental Road continues south-west via Resolution Street.
WintonWinton819.7509.3  Landsborough Highway (State Route A2) – south-east – Longreach /
north-west – Cloncurry
Eastern concurrency terminus with Landsborough Highway. Kennedy Developmental Road enters Winton as Manuka Street.
Corfield825.6513.0  Landsborough Highway (State Route A2) – north-west – CloncurryWestern concurrency terminus with Landsborough Highway
BouliaBoulia1,179.8733.1  Diamantina Developmental Road (National Route 83) – north-west – Dajarra and Mount Isa /
south-west – Birdsville
Western end of Kennedy Developmental Road (State Route 62)
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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