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Kazan Aircraft Production Association

Kazan Aircraft Production Association
Industry Aviation
Founded 1927
Headquarters Kazan
Products Commercial and military aircraft
Parent Tupolev (United Aircraft Corporation)

Kazan Aircraft Production Association (KAPO; Russian: Казанское авиационное производственное объединение имени С. П. Горбунова; Tatar: Cyrillic С.П. Горбунов исемендәге Казан авиация җитештерү берләшмәсе, Latin S.P. Ğorbunov isemendäge Qazan aviatsiya citeşterü berläşmäse) is an aircraft manufacturer based in Kazan, Russia.



KAPO currently produces Tu-214 passenger planes and Tu-160 strategic bombers. There are also plans to start producing Tu-334 regional airliners and Tu-330 freighters.[1][2]

The company was established in Moscow on 14 May 1927 and moved to Kazan in November 1941. It has built more than 18,000 aircraft of 34 types during its history.[1]

After KAPO has upgraded the current Russian bomber fleet (see Tupolev Tu-160) it will start production of a "new-generation strategic bomber", the PAK DA.[3]

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