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Kat Zhang (born 1991)[1] is an author of young adult and middle grade literature. She also has an upcoming picture book. Her first trilogy was entitled The Hybrid Chronicles. According to WorldCat, the series is held in 2,545 libraries,[2] and has been translated into Chinese, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Polish and Italian. HarperCollins published the trilogy in the United States. The first volume, What's Left of Me, was published in 2012; the third volume, Echoes of Us was published in 2014.



Zhang was born in Texas to immigrants from China. Her father was from Wuhan, and her mother from Fuzhou.[3]

Zhang graduated from Vanderbilt University.[4]


Hybrid Chronicles seriesEdit


  • The Emperor's Riddle (2017)[5][6]
  • The Memory of Forgotten Things (2018)[7]
  • Amy Wu and the Perfect Bao (2019)[8]


The Hybrid Chronicles books are set in an alternate universe society in which at birth every body possesses two 'souls', or human identities. One of these identities is supposed to fade away with age. Those who retain both souls are labelled 'hybrids' and are ostracized from normal society. The series' protagonists, Addie and Eva, inhabit the same body. The girls hide the presence of Eva, the recessive soul, for fear of what might happen if they were ever discovered. Over the course of the trilogy, the girls are at first institutionalized for their hybrid nature, then join a resistance force for hybrid rights.

The Emperor's Riddle, Zhang's first Middle Grade novel, is set in Fuzhou, China. It describes the adventures of a Chinese-American girl as she searches for an ancient, Ming dynasty treasure. The book details the legends involving the assassination of Chinese emperor Zhu Yunwen, the second emperor of the Ming dynasty, and touches on the events of the Chinese Cultural Revolution.[9][10]

Zhang's second Middle Grade novels, The Memory of Forgotten Things, is a return to science fiction. The twelve-year-old protagonist, Sophia Wallace, has memories of her deceased mother that don't make sense, memories that take place after her mother's death. She believes that an upcoming solar eclipse will allow her to cross over into a parallel world where her mother never died.[7]


The Hybrid Chronicles has received generally positive reception from several websites.[11][12]

The first in the trilogy, What's Left of Me, was chosen as a 2012 BEA Buzz book[13] and given a starred review on Publisher's Weekly.[14]

In 2017, The Emperor's Riddle won an honorable mention for the NCTA's Freeman Award[15]. It was also won a Parent's Choice Award[16].


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