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Karen Grace McCombie (born 28 August 1963 in Aberdeen, Scotland) is an author of children and young adult novels.[1] Currently, she lives in London with her husband Tom, and their 14-year-old daughter Amelia[2] She is the author of the series Stella Etc., Ally's World, Indie Kidd, Sadie Rocks, and You, Me and Thing.[3] She has also written twelve stand-alone novels.

Ally's World character Rowan Love also stars in The Raspberry Rules.


Ally's WorldEdit

  1. The Past, the Present and the Loud, Loud Girl
  2. Dates, Double Dates and Big, Big Trouble
  3. Butterflies, Bullies and Bad, Bad Habits
  4. Friends, Freak-outs and Very Secret Secrets
  5. Boys, Brothers and Jelly-Belly Dancing
  6. Sisters, Super-creeps and Slushy, Gushy Love Songs
  7. Parties, Predicaments and Undercover Pets
  8. Tattoos, Tell-tales and Terrible, Terrible Twins
  9. Mates, Mysteries and Pretty Weird Weirdness
  10. Daisy, Dad and the Huge, Small Surprise
  11. Rainbows, Rowan and True, True Romance (?)
  12. Visitors, Vanishings and Va-Va-Va Voom
  13. Crushes, Cliques and the Cool, School Trip
  14. Hassles, Heart-pings!, and Sad, Happy Endings
  15. Sunshine, Sunburn And Not-So-Sweet-Nothings (Summer special)
  16. Angels, Arguments and a Furry, Merry Christmas (Christmas special, prequel to main series)


  1. A Guided Tour of Ally's World
  2. My V. Groovy Ally's World Journal

Stella Etc.Edit

  1. Frankie, Peaches and Me
  2. Sweet-Talking TJ
  3. Meet The Real World, Rachel
  4. Truly, Madly Megan
  5. Amber and the Hot Pepper Jelly
  6. Twists, Turns and 100% Tilda
  7. Forever and Ever and Evie

Indie KiddEdit

  1. How to be Good(ish)
  2. Oops, I Lost My Best(est) Friends
  3. Being Grown-Up Is Cool (Not)
  4. Are We Having Fun Yet? (Hmm?)
  5. Wow, I’m a Gazillionaire! (I Wish...)
  6. My Big (Strange) Happy Family
  7. Me and the School (un)Fair
  8. I Spy a (Not So) White Lie


  1. My (Most Excellent) Pet Project
  2. Indie Kidd's (Most Excellent) Best Friend Guide
  3. Indie Kidd's (Most Excellent) Guide to Fun for Free

Sadie Rocks!Edit

  1. Happiness, And All That Stuff
  2. Deep Joy, Or Something Like It
  3. It's All Good (In Your Dreams)
  4. Smile! It's Meant To Be Fun

You, Me and ThingEdit

  1. The Curse of the Jelly Babies
  2. The Dreaded Noodle-doodle
  3. The Legend of the Loch Ness Lilo
  4. The Mummy That Went Moo

Angels Next DoorEdit

  1. Angels Next Door
  2. Angels in Training
  3. Angels Like Me

St Grizzle'sEdit

  1. St Grizzle's School for Girls, Goats and Random Boys
  2. St Grizzle's School for Girls, Ghosts and Runaway Grannies
  3. St Grizzle's School for Girls, Geeks and Tag-along Zombies
  4. St Grizzle's School for Girls, Gremlins and Pesky Guests

Stand-Alone novelsEdit

  1. An Urgent Message Of Wowness
  2. Marshmallow Magic And The Wild Rose Rouge
  3. The Seventeen Secrets Of The Karma Club
  4. My Funny Valentine
  5. Bliss...
  6. Wonderland (this and the two above form a trilogy)
  7. In Sarah's Shadow
  8. Love is the Drug
  9. My Sister, the Superbitch
  10. The Raspberry Rules
  11. The Girl Who Wasn't There
  12. Little Bird Flies


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