Karbalayi Safikhan Karabakhi

Karbalayi Safikhan Karabakhi (Azerbaijani: Kərbəlayı Səfixan Sultanhüseyn oğlu Qarabaği) (c. 1817 - 1910) was an Azerbaijani architect and one of the representatives of Karabakh architecture schools.[1] Buildings by Kerbalai Sefikhan Karabagi included traditional and romantic elements. Designs of Karabagi, such as those for mosques in Aghdam and Barda, employ simple devices based on Azerbaijani architectural traditions.[2]

Kərbəlayı Səfixan Qarabaği
Stamps of Azerbaijan, 2016-1249.jpg
Stamp of Azerbaijan, dedicated to the 80th Anniversary of the Union of Architects of Azerbaijan
Died25 June 1910(1910-06-25) (aged 93)
BuildingsAshaghi Govhar Agha Mosque

Agdam Mosque

Yukhari Govhar Agha Mosque


A characteristic feature of creativity of Karabakhi was rational and skilful use of traditional local architecture. The socket of Yukhari Govhar Agha Mosque built by him in 1883, states in Arabic: "Made by Karbalayi Safikhan Karabakhi. 1301."

The constructed projects by Karabakhi include a mausoleum in Barda (1868), the Agdam Mosque, the Tatar Mosque in Odessa, the Mosque Qarabaghlar in Ashgabat and other civic buildings in Nagorno-Karabakh region.[3][4]

He is also responsible for creating a single type of mosques with their unique organization of internal space - the division of stone columns on the two-story gallery and the use of domed ceilings in Nagorno-Karabakh region.[5]


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