Karamanly House Museum

The Karamanly House Museum (also known as the Qaramanli House Museum, the House of Karamanly and the Tripoli Historical Exhibition) is a historic house and museum located in the Old city in Tripoli, Libya. It is associated with the Karamanli dynasty.

Karamanly House Museum
Also known as:
  • Qaramanli House Museum
  • House of Karamanly
  • Tripoli Historical Exhibition
Tripoli - Karamanli-Haus, 1750.jpg
LocationTripoli, Libya
Coordinates32°53′50″N 13°10′36″E / 32.8972°N 13.1767°E / 32.8972; 13.1767
TypeHistoric house and museum
General information
Construction started18th century

The house was built in the second half of the 18th century .[1] After restoration in the 1990s, it became a museum.[1]


The Qaramanli house is one of the few traditional houses that have been preserved and rehabilitated in the Old city. It is characterized by its fine Islamic architectural design. It consists of two floors, with each of them having an area of 472 m2.[2]

The open air courtyard, a common element in Islamic residences, is centered around a beautiful fountain. One of the most notable aspects of the house must be the arches, which serve both a decorative as well as a load-bearing purpose. Mosaic patterns also adorn the walls of the house-museum.

The house comprises several rooms, including: a bedroom (Dar An-Namousiyyah),[3] Dar Alqabou (containing the Qaramanli costumes and furniture), a sitting room (Dar Al Juloos), a clothing room (Dar Al-Albisah), a kitchen and many more.

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