Karakhtia nessovi is a species of Proarticulate from the Ediacaran period, around 555 Million Years Ago. K. nessovi is the only species in the genus Karakhtia.[1] The genus Haootia has been compared minorly to Karakhtia in the way that the fossils of Haootia superficially resemble the crumpled margins of Karakhtia.[2]

Karakhtia nessovi
Temporal range: Ediacaran, about 555 Ma
Karakhtia nessovi.jpg
Karakhtia nessovi
Scientific classification

Ivantsov, 2004
K. nessovi
Binomial name
Karakhtia nessovi
Ivantsov, 2004
Fossilised specimen of Karakhtia nessovi showing how it could be confused with an ancient lettuce leaf

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