Karabulak Township

Karabulak (Ka rabulak; also as Halabulake; Chinese: 哈拉布拉克乡; pinyin: Hǎlābùlākè Xiāng) is a township of Akqi County in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, China. Located in the west of the county, it covers an area of 2,811 kilometres with a population of 7,361 (2010 Census[2]), the main ethnic group is Kyrgyz. The township has 7 administrative villages (as of 2018[3]) and 13 unincorporated villages under jurisdiction, its seat is at Karabulak Village (哈拉布拉克).

Karabulak is located in Xinjiang
Location of the township
Coordinates: 40°47′15″N 77°34′49″E / 40.7874931551°N 77.5803813907°E / 40.7874931551; 77.5803813907Coordinates: 40°47′15″N 77°34′49″E / 40.7874931551°N 77.5803813907°E / 40.7874931551; 77.5803813907
CountryPeople's Republic of China
Autonomous regionXinjiang
 • Total2,812 km2 (1,086 sq mi)
 • Total6,466
Time zoneUTC+8 (China Standard Time)

The name of Ka Rabulak was from the Kyrgyz language, meaning clear spring (清泉). The township is located in the west of the county, 84 kilometers west of the county seat Akqi Town.[4]


It was formerly part of the 2nd district in 1950 and the 3rd district in 1954, Karabulak Commune (哈拉布拉克公社) was established in 1962, and renamed to Weidong Commune (卫东公社), Karabulak Commune in 1978. It was organized as a township in 1984.[4]

Administrative divisionsEdit

  • Karabulak Village (哈拉布拉克村)
  • Markaq Village (麦尔开其村)
  • Akongkur Village (阿克翁库尔村)
  • Akebaxiate Village (阿克巴夏特村)
  • Kailitebieke Village (凯利特别克村)
  • Bozitala Village (博孜塔拉村)
  • Kuersayi Village (库尔萨依村)


The township is located in the west of the county, the upper reaches of Taushgan River (托什干河). The main industries in the township are mainly animal husbandry and agriculture. There are 70,000 livestock in stock all year round in the township, the main crops are highland barley, barley, hemp, rapeseed and so on. In the west, there is the site of the ancient Barergendi Fort (巴勒根迪古炮台遗址). There are roads link to Karaqi Township.[4]


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