Kam Woo-sung

Kam Woo-sung (born October 1, 1970) is a South Korean actor. He is best known for his portrayal of a court jester serving a despotic king in the hit period film The King and the Clown.

Kam Woo-sung
Born (1970-10-01) October 1, 1970 (age 52)
Other namesGam Woo-sung
Gam Wu-seong
Kam Woo-seong
Karm Woo-sung
EducationSeoul National University - Oriental Painting
Years active1991–present
AgentBright Entertainment
SpouseKang Min-ah (m. 2006)
Korean name
Revised RomanizationGam U-seong
McCune–ReischauerKam Usŏng


Kam Woo-sung majored in Oriental painting at the Seoul National University, then made his acting debut in the 1991 television drama Our Paradise. Through his roles on TV in the following decade, Kam became known for playing gentle and intellectual upper-middle-class men, notably in Hyun-jung, I Love You. Then in 2002, he successfully subverted this image in his first film, the critically acclaimed Marriage Is a Crazy Thing, in which he played a commitment-phobic professor having a passionate affair.

More characters followed in a variety of genres: a man trapped in a confusing and haunting sequence of events in Song Il-gon's mystery film Spider Forest;[1] the PTSD-afflicted leader of a South Korean squadron in Vietnam who looks into the mysterious disappearance of 18 soldiers in the horror thriller R-Point; and a son struggling to fake Korea's reunification to fulfill an ailing father's wish in the comedy A Bold Family.[2]

In late 2005, Kam reached a turning point in his 15-year career when he starred in The King and the Clown. Jang Hyuk was originally cast in the leading role of a court jester during the reign of Joseon Dynasty tyrant King Yeonsan, but after Jang was implicated in a draft-dodging scandal, Kam was brought in to replace him.[3] He trained extensively over two months in the art of Korean traditional performance, including street opera, and acrobatic, rope and mask dances.[4] The low-budget film unexpectedly broke box office records to become (at the time) the highest grossing Korean film of all time. Critics praised Kam's "powerful energy and wit,"[5] and his performance garnered acting recognition, including Best Actor at the 2006 Grand Bell Awards.[6][7]

He returned to television in Alone in Love (2006), which was lauded for its realistic portrayal of a divorced couple.[8] Back on the big screen, Kam reunited with previous A Bold Family costar (and close friend in real life) Kim Su-ro in Big Bang (2007),[9][10] followed by the ensemble romantic comedy My Love and crime thriller The Outlaw (2010).[11] Kam was listed as one of the highest paid entertainers on the KBS network in 2011, earning ₩440 million for playing Geunchogo of Baekje in the 60-episode series The King of Legend.[12]

Though appearing less frequently in projects, Kam has starred in melodramas My Spring Days (2014), Should We Kiss First? (2018) and The Wind Blows (2019) in recent years.[13][14][15]

Personal lifeEdit

After dating for 15 years, Kam married actress Kang Min-ah in Australia in 2006.[16]



Year Film Roles
2002 Marriage Is a Crazy Thing Kim Jun-Yeong
2004 R-Point Choi Tae-In
2004 Spider Forest Kang Min
2005 A Bold Family Kim Myung-Seok
2005 The King and the Clown Jang-Saeng
2007 Big Bang Park Man-Su
2007 My Love Jang Se-Jin
2010 The Outlaw Oh Jeong-Su

Television seriesEdit

Year Network Series Roles
1991 MBC Our Paradise art student
1991 MBC Woohwangcheongsimhwan(MBC Best Theater) Hyun
1992 MBC A story of long-distance couple(MBC Best Theater) Choi Wang-Jae
1992 MBC Investigation of memory(MBC Best Theater) Choi Jong-Gwan
1992 MBC Enchantment Cho Hoon-Bae
1993 MBC At our last winter(MBC Best Theater) Geon-Woo
1993 MBC Trumpet Flower Chae I-Eon
1993 MBC Stormy Season Choi Han-Yeong
1993 MBC Women's generation(MBC Best Theater) Kim Hyun-Seok
1993 MBC A tale of childhood(MBC Best Theater) Yong-Sik
1993 MBC Jeremy(MBC Best Theater) Jeremy
1994 MBC The white journey(MBC Best Theater) Cho Seong-Gyu
1994 MBC A verse of sad father(special drama) Cha Dong-Hwa
1995 SBS A three-color friendship(special drama) Tae-Hyung
1995 KBS To Make a Man Meong Tae-Min
1997 MBC The Mountain Choi Seong-Gyu
1997 MBC Instinct Lee Jun-Seob
1998 MBC Shy Lovers Choi Myung-Il
1998 SBS Song of the Wind Song In-Gyu
1999 MBC Michiko(special drama) Han Dong-Wook
1999 MBC I'm Still Loving You Kim Hyung-Jun
2000 MBC Say It with Your Eyes Jang Ki-Woong
2000 SBS Medical Center Kim Seung-Jae
2001 MBC Stars Rise Even in the Day(special drama) Gab-Soo
2002 MBC Hyun-jung, I Love You Kim Beom-Soo
2006 SBS Alone in Love Lee Dong-Jin
2010 KBS The King of Legend King Geunchogo
2014 MBC My Spring Days Kang Dong-Ha
2018 SBS Should We Kiss First Son Mu-Han
2019 JTBC The Wind Blows[17] Do Dae-cheol
2021 SBS Joseon Exorcist[18] Kim Tae-jong [19]


Year Ceremony Awards Works
1999 MBC Drama Awards Popularity Award I'm Still Loving You
Best couple Award(with Chae-Lim)
2002 Grimae Awards Best Actor Hyun-jung, I Love You
MBC Drama Awards Top Excellence Award(Actor in a Miniseries)
Women Viewers Film Awards Best Actor [20] Marriage is a Crazy Thing
Korean Film Awards Best New Actor [21]
Korea Best Dresser Swan Award Swan Award(Actor in Film)
2004 Women Viewers Film Awards Most Hopeful Actor Award Spider Forest
2006 Grand Bell Awards Best Actor King and the Clown
Chunsa Film Art Awards Best Actor [22]
Blue Dragon Awards Best couple Award(with Lee Joon-Ki)
2008 National Tax Service Prime Minister Commendation
2018 Ministry of Health and Welfare Minister Commendation
Korea Broadcasting Awards Best Actor Should We Kiss First?
Korea Drama Awards Top Excellence Award[23]
SBS Drama Awards Grand Prize (Daesang)[24]
Best Couple[25]


  • 《I Will》- MBC drama "My Spring Days" OST(2014)


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