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Kalvaryja (Belarusian: Кальварыя, [kʌlʲˈvarɨja]) is a Catholic Calvary cemetery in Minsk, Belarus.

Belarus-Minsk-Calvary Cemetery Entrance-1.jpg
Kalvaryja entrance
Established1808 ?
Owned byState
No. of graves30,000+

The cemetery contains a small Catholic chapel, currently used for general worship. The original wooden Catholic church was first built here back in 1673, but currently the oldest remaining graves are from 1808. The small chapel was built in 1839. Several famous Polish and Belarusian personalities from the 19th century are buried at Kalvaryja.

In 2001, the cemetery became the center of a controversy when it was revealed that the state-run company responsible for taking care of the graves was quietly destroying old graves and selling the newly freed slots to the wealthy.

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Coordinates: 53°54′30″N 27°30′14″E / 53.90833°N 27.50389°E / 53.90833; 27.50389