Kali Pasir Mosque

Kali Pasir Mosque is the oldest mosque in Tangerang city, a relic of Pajajaran Kingdom.[1] It is located in Cisadane riverbank, in the middle of Chinese residential and is characterized by it Chinese pattern.[1]

Kali Pasir Mosque
Masjid Kali Pasir
Masjid Jami Kalipasir.jpg
AffiliationSunni Islam
LocationTangerang, Banten, Indonesia
Kali Pasir Mosque is located in Indonesia
Kali Pasir Mosque
Geographic coordinates6°10′45.2″S 106°37′43.9″E / 6.179222°S 106.628861°E / -6.179222; 106.628861Coordinates: 6°10′45.2″S 106°37′43.9″E / 6.179222°S 106.628861°E / -6.179222; 106.628861
FounderTumenggung Pamit Wijaya
Date established1700
Interior area288 m2


The mosque was established in 1700 by Tumenggung Pamit Wijaya from Bogor Kahuripan and is approximately 288 square meters.[2][3] Originally, Tumenggung Pamit Wijaya wanted to do syiar Islam from Cirebon Sultanate to Banten but he stopped in Tangerang and established a mosque.[3] Construction of the mosque carried out by Muslims with the assistance of ethnic Chinese.[4] In 1712 the management of the mosque was passed to his son, Raden Bagus Uning Wiradilaga.[2] The mosque has deen repeatedly renovated, but the building is still stylized Arabic, Chinese and European.[4] Currently, only two parts of the architecture that still complete retained, the four pillars in the mosque and the small dome with China pattern.[3]


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