Kalev Kallo

Kalev Kallo (born on 6 December 1948 Pärnu) is Estonian politician, convicted criminal [1] and sports person.[2] He is member of XIV Riigikogu. Since 1991 he belongs to Estonian Centre Party.

Kalev Kallo

1995 he was the minister of road and communication of Estonia (Estonian: Eesti teede- ja sideminister). He was Deputy Mayor of Tallinn from 1996-1999 and again from 2005–2007.[2]

2000-2008 he was president of Estonian Boxing Association (Estonian: Eesti Poksiliit).[2]

He has been member of IX, XI, XII and XIII Riigikogu.

2019 he found guilty related to case of Edgar Savisaar. After that he lost his immunity.[3]


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