Kaikhosro I Jaqeli (Georgian: ქაიხოსრო I ჯაყელი; 1443–1500) was a Prince and Atabeg of Samtskhe-Saatabago, member of the Jaqeli family and son of Qvarqvare II. His reign lasted from 1498 to 1500. According to Kaikhosro's contemporaries, he was a wise and educated ruler. He held peace with the other Georgian kingdoms:Kartli, Kakheti and Imereti. Kaikhosro with king Alexander I of Kakheti and Constantine of Kartli agreed to assist first Safavid shah Ismail in destroying Aq Koyunlu rule in Persia.[1] Atabeg Kaikhosro died in 1500 and was succeeded by his younger brother Mzetchabuk Jaqeli.

Kaikhosro I Jaqeli
Atabeg of Samtskhe
PredecessorQvarqvare II
IssueQvarqvare III Jaqeli
FatherQvarqvare II Jaqeli
ReligionOrthodox Christianity

References edit

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Kaikhosro I Jaqeli
Preceded by Prince of Meskheti
Succeeded by