Kaetsunō Railway

Kaetsunō Railway (加越能鉄道株式会社, Kaetsunō Tetsudō Kabushiki Kaisha) is a bus company operating in the central and western parts of Toyama Prefecture, Japan. Contrary to its name, the company no longer operates railway lines. Its last Manyō Line was handed over to Manyōsen in 2002.

Kaetsunou Bus Co., Ltd.
Kaetsuno Bus Headquarters.jpg
Headquarters building
ParentToyama Chihō Railway
Founded23 October 1950
Headquarters1243-1 Muranaka, Ejiri Aza, Takaoka, Toyama, Japan
Service areaToyama
Service typeBus
Chief executiveYuji Inada
WebsiteKaetsuno Bus(in Japanese)


As it discontinued all railway lines in 2002 due to serious deficit, the company changed its corporation name from Kaetsunō Railway (加越能鉄道) to Kaetsunō Bus (加越能バス).

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Manyō LineEdit

The Takaoka Kidō Line and the Shiminatoko Line were operated by Kaetsuno Railway and was called the Manyō Line. As the number of passengers decreased, the railway company discontinued these lines and replaced them by route buses. In 2001, due to local opposition, Kaetsuno Railway, Toyama Chiho Railway, Toyama Prefecture, and Takaoka City established the third sector company named Manyosen Company which now operates Manyō Line, after it was transferred to Manyosen from Kaetsuno Railway in 2002.

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collaborated with Hanasaku Iroha and True Tears

Kaetsuno Bus Company runs buses bound for Gokayama and Shirakawa-gō that are World Heritage Sites.[1]


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