Kadim (Hebrew: כַּדִּים‎) was an Israeli settlement on a hilltop in the northern West Bank under the administrative jurisdiction of Shomron Regional Council.[1] Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem, are illegal under international law.[2]


The settlement, close to Jenin, attracted secular young Israeli families seeking low cost housing and an idyllic lifestyle.[citation needed] In later years, Palestinian snipers used the hilltop outside the perimeter fence to aim into the windows of Kadim homes. In the face of mounting violence, many residents left.[3]

Unilateral disengagementEdit

During seven years of talks that ended in 2001, the possibility of dismantling Kadim was discussed as part of a peace agreement.[3]

In September 2005, Ariel Sharon's plan for unilateral disengagement was implemented and the remaining residents of Kadim were evicted.[4][5]

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