Kadalundi River

Kadalundi River (Kadalundipuzha) is one of the four most important rivers flowing through Malappuram district in the Indian state of Kerala. The other three are the Chaliyar, the Bharathappuzha and the Tirur River.[1] This rain-fed river is 130 kilometres (81 mi) long and is one of the most important rivers in the district.[2] It is formed by the confluence of the Olippuzha River and the Veliyar River. The Kadalundi originates from the Western Ghats at the western border of the Silent Valley and flows through the district of Malappuram. It has two main tributaries namely Olipuzha and Veliyar. The Kadalundi River drains an area of 1274 km² and has a length of 120 km.[3] The Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary spreads over a cluster of islands where the Kadalundipuzha River flows into the Arabian Sea. There are over a hundred species of native birds and around 60 species of migratory birds that come here in large numbers annually.[4]

കടലുണ്ടി നദി
Kadalundi Bridge - A border of Malappuram and Kozhikode.jpg
Kadalundi bridge
Physical characteristics
SourceCherakomban Mala
 • locationKerala, India
 • coordinates11°08′N 76°28′E / 11.133°N 76.467°E / 11.133; 76.467
 • elevation1,160 m (3,810 ft)
MouthArabian Sea
 • location
Kerala, India
 • coordinates
11°07′N 75°49′E / 11.117°N 75.817°E / 11.117; 75.817Coordinates: 11°07′N 75°49′E / 11.117°N 75.817°E / 11.117; 75.817
 • elevation
0 m (0 ft)
Length130 km (81 mi)
Basin size1,122 km2 (433 sq mi)
 • locationmouth
 • average36 m3/s (1,300 cu ft/s)
Kadalundi Kadavu Bridge over Kadalundi River
Panoramic View of Kadalundi River

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