Kaahin Kissii Roz

Kaahin Kissii Roz (transl. Somewhere, someday) is an Indian thriller television series that was broadcast on Star Plus from 23 April 2001 until 23 September 2004.[1][2] The series starred Mouli Ganguly, Shweta Salve, Yash Tonk and Sudha Chandran in the lead roles.[3]

Kaahin Kissii Roz
Kaahin Kissii Roz.jpeg
Created byBalaji Telefilms
Written byStory and Screenplay
Al-Raines, Bobby Bhonsle, David Atkins and Pramod Singh
Pramod Singh and M P Anamika
Directed bySantram Varma and Yash Chauhan
Creative directorPrashant Bhatt and Nivedita Basu
StarringSee Below
Opening theme"Kaahin Kissii Roz" by Sunidhi Chauhan
Country of originIndia
Original languageHindi
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes714
ProducerEkta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor
CinematographyDeepak Malwankar and Sanjay Memane
EditorDharmesh Shah and Dhiren Singh
Running time21 minutes
Original networkStarPlus
Picture format480i (SDTV),
Original release23 April 2001 (2001-04-23) –
23 September 2004 (2004-09-23)

Plot summaryEdit

The Past
Shaina marries Kunal Sikand and enters the rich high-profile Sikand family. After marriage the entire family, including Shaina, is haunted by the spirit of a woman who usually leaves a red cloth around. The spirit is revealed to be of Kunal's ex-wife Sunaina, who died mysteriously four years ago. In a twist, it is revealed that Shaina is in fact Sunaina, who had plastic surgery. She married Kunal to take revenge as she thinks he tried to kill her. Kunal is then revealed to have been innocent all along. It was in fact her mother-in-law, Ramola Sikand, who tried to kill Sunaina. Thus a cold war begins between Ramola and Shaina.

Kunal's stepbrother Anish, who is Ramola's son, is married to Nisha and is cold towards Shaina. Kunal's youngest stepbrother Nakul is engaged to Surbhi. She commits suicide after finding out about her pregnancy and Nakul leaves the country. Natasha, Avantika and Malvika are the Sikand daughters and sisters of Kunal, Anish and Nakul. Aman got engaged with Natasha Sikand, however due to mismatch of both of their Kundali, Aman broke the engagement, eventually Natasha marries Akash. Avantika and Malvika marry Aman's brothers and move out of Sikand household. Nakul eventually returns and marries Sunidhi.

Shaina digs out Ramola's past life and finds Kunal's real mother is actually Nirupa. She is in an asylum. Ramola gave drugs (Kairoxin) to make Nirupa mentally ill and then tricked Kunal's father into marrying her to get his entire property. Shaina brings Nirupa home and starts taking care of her and makes her well but frustrates Ramola in the process. Ramola decides to take revenge and tries to shoot Shaina in the temple after which Ramola's true face is revealed to Kunal. Kunal decides to replace Ramola Sikand and take all their ownership of Sikand group of companies. Ramola kills Kunal by pushing a breakfree car towards him. Ramola brings Kunal's look-alike, Kuljeet, from Haryana to replace Kunal in the Sikand household and the business. Kunal, who has managed to survive, loses his memory and ends up joining a criminal organisation renaming himself Shaan. Shaan and his cohorts find Kuljeet in a temple and kidnap him so that Shaan can enter the Sikand household. Kunal enters the Sikand family and gradually regains his memory and joins forces with Shaina to destroy Ramola.

Kuljeet was deeply in love with Sikand family, especially Shaina, so he tried his best to prove Kunal wrong. Finally Kunal proves that he is the real Kunal and Kuljeet returns to Haryana. Ramola and Kunal compromise by hiding each other's sins, Ramola trying to kill Kunal and Kunal being Shaan, a Criminal.

Maansi - Transition of Sunaina to Shaina Anisha
Karan Seth enters the Sikand Household and claims Shaina is actually Maansi. The fact is, when Sunaina was burnt, she lived with her burnt face for one year and then met Maansi. They were traveling together and met an accident. Maansi was killed in the accident, and mistakenly Sunaina's face was changed to Sankirti's face, the present face of Anisha Shaina. Kunal loses his faith on Shaina and he believes she is Maansi. Shaina had made a will stating the property would go to a trust if she and Kunal died. Karan Seth was paid by Ramola Sikand to prove that Shaina was Maansi, so that the will was nullified. Karan wanted Maansi's property that she had left to Baba. He kills Baba and proves Kunal guilty of it. Kunal realizes that Shaina is truthful and is not Maansi. Shaina plays Maansi's role to trap Karan and Ramola and to save Kunal. She creates misunderstandings between Karan and Ramola and so Kunal is saved.

Kunal and Shaina Jailed
Ramola brings her criminal brother Ratan and sets up Shaina and Kunal. They are sent to jail for fraud. Kuljeet helps Kunal and Shaina escape from jail and tries to find a way to prove them innocent. Ramola tries her best to find them and hand them over to the police but she fails. Eventually, she finds them hiding in a farmhouse. She sets the farmhouse on fire. Everyone thinks Kunal and Shaina are dead but they have survived and they haunt Ramola, pretending to ghosts. Ramola gets mentally disturbed and is admitted to a mental asylum.

The Revenge
When everything is revealed about Ramola and things begin to settle, Dhananjay(DJ) and his family enter their lives. Years ago Ramola cheated DJ of his inheritance of Sikand property and he is back to take revenge on Ramola. DJ tries to shoot Ramola, but by mistake the bullet hits his own daughter, Devika. DJ and his wife Avanti gets frustrated so they decide to kill the whole Sikand family by planting a bomb. Nakul and Sunidhi dies in the blast and Ramola and Shaina vow revenge on DJ. It is only four years later that DJ finds Kunal still alive. DJ goes after him and creates a lot of destruction in the Sikands' lives. Ramola and Shaina come together to defeat DJ. The Sikands use the alias of Sengupta. Each of them is given their new identity for security purposes. After a long war, Ramola and Shaina succeeds in killing DJ. As DJ takes his last breath, he shoots Ramola in the back. This leaves her paralyzed and she is confined to a wheel chair.

Kunal and Shaina are finally convinced that Ramola has changed and is no longer evil. The cold war between Shaina and Nisha begins due to the lack of money in the family account. Somebody tries to kill Shaina, so she blames Anish and Nisha for all mishaps that happened with her. A witch appears everyday and threatens Shaina, new shadows appear and scare her. Shaina insults Anish and Nisha everyday and Kunal gets angry with all the family problems and somebody tries to prove Shaina is mentally ill. Somebody shoots Anish and he goes into coma and Shaina is blamed for that and is jailed. Ramola helps Shaina to escape from jail but in a twist it is revealed that Ramola was behind all the incidents that happened with Shaina. The bullet that hit Anish was meant for Shaina but Anish saw the hitman and in order to protect Shaina he is shot himself. Since Anish is in coma he is unable to reveal anything. Shaina eventually realizes that it was all along Ramola's doing. Nisha is revealed to be under Ramola's influence in plotting against Shaina. Once Anish recovered, Nisha tricked Anish to give statement against Shaina, hence Shaina goes to jail.

Ramola then creates a false affair between Vikram and Shaina to destroy Kunal's faith on Shaina. Kunal misunderstands Shaina and cannot hold himself anymore. Since Nisha was helping Ramola in all the crimes against Shaina, Ramola shot Nisha and falsely framed Shaina for Nisha's murder.

Ramola brings Shalini into the picture to win all hearts in the family and marry Kunal. When she fails, Shalini undergoes plastic surgery and gets Sunaina's (Shaina's previous) face. Shaina fails in all her steps to defeat Ramola. Kuljeet and Daiji returned to help Shaina fight against Ramola Sikand, however, Ramola kills Kuljeet and makes Shaina believe that Kunal was the murderer. Kuljeet becomes paralyzed and Shaina decides to destroy Sikand family. Aditi and Adtiya (children of Kunal and Shaina) helped Shaina to take over Sikand property and enters the Sikand house.

A battle ensues among Shaina (real Sunaina), Shalini (fake Sunaina) and Ramola which results in the death of remaining family members - Anish, Avantika and Shalini (fake Sunaina). Finally Ramola succeeds in killing Shaina and Kunal along with their two children. Thus Ramola is left alone, with almost her entire family dead. The only survivors of the family besides Ramola are Nirupa, Anish and Nisha's daughter, Nisha's mother and two children of Ratan (whom Ramola adopts).

The Next Generation
For the next 20 years Ramola lives a peaceful life raising Ratan's children Rashi and Apoorva as her own. Shaina Sikand is re-incarnated as Devika who lives with her father and aunt. She has always had nightmares of someone trying to kill her. When Ramola comes to know about Devika she is shocked to see the same face but Devika does not remember anything of her past life. Kunal Sikand is re-incarnated as Nikhil who is born into a poor family. In the temple Devika sees Nikhil and faints. She is taken to a hospital but Nikhil takes her from there to their old farm house. Devika wakes up and remembers everything. Nikhil and Devika decide to marry. At the farmhouse Devika is alone as Nikhil is out. Devika sees a red cloth on a tree and as she goes to take it she finds Ramola's brother Ratan on top of the tree. He throws kerosene on her and burns her alive. After Devika's death Nikhil seeks revenge from Ramola and he takes over as company manager of the Sikand group of industries. Rashi, Apoorva and Nirupa turn against Ramola when they learn the truth of what she did with her family. Anisha enters the story avenge her father's (ACP Verma) murder from Ramola Sikand. Ramola is trapped from all sides but she disappears and everyone believes her to be dead. Nikhil and Anisha marry. After long time Ramola returns to their life claiming that she is blind.

Ramola goes psychotic and kills a couple of inspectors when they try to arrest her. She also kills Nirupa Sikand by pushing her out of the window at an old house. Lastly, Ramola is killed by Nikhil when he shoots her with a gun. Thus Kunal and Shaina exact their revenge.



The storyline of the series took a twenty-year leap in January 2004.[4]

In March 2004, lead Mouli Ganguly quit the series stating monotonicity.[5][6]



The show opened with a low rating of 2.2 TVR in its debut week.[7] But it saw a decline in ratings at its prime slot of 8:00 pm (IST) and thus that slot was taken by Kasautii Zindagii Kay in October 2001 while Kaahin shifted to a late night slot of 11.00 pm (IST). The decision was in show's favor as it became the first show to rake at good ratings ranging more than 5 TVR in that slot, also entering top ten weekly list of most watched Indian programs, which was before considered as a dead slot.[8][9][10] In week 45 of 2002, it was at seventh position with 5.94 TVR.[11] However, in September 2003, it was pushed to 11:30 pm (IST) slot after which the ratings of the series decreased the following weeks, garnering 3.4, 3.1 and 2.7 TVR during the following three three weeks.[12] Later, it settled down between 3.5 and 4 TVR.[13]


India Today stated Sudha Chandran's role Ramola Sikand being one of the ideal vamps of Indian television.[14]


A snacks shop named Bunty Juice Centre at Borivali in Mumbai sold juices with different flavours under the names of Balaji Telefilms soap operas including the series Kaahin Kissi Roz.[15]


Indian Telly AwardsEdit

  • 2003; Best Music Director - Lalit Sen
  • 2003; Best Editor (Fiction) - Diren Singh


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