KHL Junior Draft

The KHL Junior Draft was an annual meeting in which every franchise of the Kontinental Hockey League (KHL) systematically selected the rights to available amateur ice hockey players who met draft eligibility requirements (17–21 years old, no active KHL, MHL or VHL contract). The KHL Junior Draft was held once every year, generally within two to three months after the conclusion of the previous season. During the draft, teams took turns selecting amateur players from junior, collegiate, or European leagues.

The first draft was held on June 1, 2009, prior to the second KHL season, and was held every year until it was ended in 2016.[1] Mikhail Pashnin, drafted by CSKA Moscow, was the first player to be drafted in the KHL Junior Draft. The first KHL Junior Draft held had only 85 drafted players, but with 188 players in the 2010 Draft the number of drafted players that year was more than doubled. However, the number of drafted players decreased in the 2011 Draft, with 134 drafted players. The peak count came in 2014 when 208 players were drafted. Overall, over the 8 years, 1,241 players were drafted, giving an average of 155 drafted players per year.

Eligible playersEdit

All European or North American players who were 17 years old and not older than 21 years old, and did not have any active contracts with a KHL, MHL or VHL team, were eligible for selection for that year's KHL Junior Draft.[2]

Drafting orderEdit

The teams with the three worst regular-season records (or a team involved in a trade with such a team where a draft pick was included in the trade and, if applicable, a KHL team afflicted by a disaster during the season) were eligible to take part in a lottery whose aim was to decide the first three (or four, depending on circumstances) picks.

List of KHL Junior DraftsEdit

Draft Location City Date Total drafted #1 pick
2009 Gazprom Export HQ Moscow, Russia June 1, 2009 91   Mikhail Pashnin (CSKA Moscow)
2010 KHL HQ Moscow, Russia June 4, 2010 188   Dmitrij Jaškin (Sibir Novosibirsk)
2011 Mytishchi Arena Mytishchi, Russia May 28, 2011 134   Anton Slepyshev (Metallurg Novokuznetsk)
2012 Traktor Sport Palace Chelyabinsk, Russia May 25, 2012 and May 26, 2012 166   Denis Alexandrov (SKA Saint Petersburg)
2013 Druzhba Arena Donetsk, Ukraine May 25, 2013 and May 26, 2013 174   Dmitri Osipov (Amur Khabarovsk)
2014 Ice Palace Saint Petersburg, Russia May 8, 2014 208   Kirill Kaprizov (Metallurg Novokuznetsk)
2015 VTB Ice Palace Moscow, Russia May 24, 2015 133   Artyom Maltsev (HC Sochi)
2016 Renaissance Moscow Monarch Center Hotel Moscow, Russia May 23, 2016 147   Venyamin Baranov (Admiral Vladivostok)

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