Kőszeg Mountains

The Kőszeg Mountains [ˈkøːsɛɡ], sometimes called the Guns or Güns Mountains (German: Günser Gebirge, Hungarian: Kőszegi-hegység), are a mountain range in the Alpokalja area, the easternmost region of the Alps. The territory of the range is shared between Austria and Hungary. Its highest point is the Írott-kő (literally written stone) with a height of 884 metres.

Location of Kőszeg Mountains (in red) within physical subdivisions of Hungary
Town of Kőszeg

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Coordinates: 47°21′36.80″N 16°24′34.03″E / 47.3602222°N 16.4094528°E / 47.3602222; 16.4094528