Sopron city.jpg
The city of Sopron is located in the range
Location Western Hungary
Territory ?
Highest point Írott-kő, 882 m
Terrain mountainous

Alpokalja (English "feet of the Alps") is a geographic region in Western Hungary. Its highest point in Hungary is Írott-kő, with 882 metres. Although there are several lower mountains, the majority of the territory is hilly. Fir forests are characteristic to the region.

Location of Alpokalja (in red) within physical subdivisions of Hungary

Alpokalja contains two major, but not very extensive mountain range: the Kőszeg Mountains and the Sopron Mountains. The Vas Hills and Balfi Hills are also considered part of the territory.

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Coordinates: 47°22′N 16°32′E / 47.367°N 16.533°E / 47.367; 16.533