Juventud Uruguaya de Pie

The Uruguayan Youth Standing[1] or Uruguayan Youth at Attention[2] (Spanish: Juventud Uruguaya de Pie) was a right to far-right student organization in Uruguay during the 1970s.

Uruguayan Youth Standing
Juventud Uruguaya de Pie
Formation29 October 1970
TypeStudent organization
HeadquartersAv. 18 de Julio, Montevideo
Region served
Official language
Key people
Daniel García Pintos

This relatively short-lived organization (it was dissolved in 1974[3]) had a Patriotic and anti-Communist orientation and was opposed to the insurgency of the Tupamaros and other far-left organizations.[4] It experienced rapid growth, but its armed struggle efforts were relatively less successful.[5] A factional undercurrent of the group desired a national revolution along the lines of Falangism.[3]

The main colours of their flag represent the two traditional major Uruguayan political parties: the National Party (white) and the Colorado Party (red). Presidents Jorge Pacheco Areco and Juan María Bordaberry both spoke positively of the group.[6]


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