Juraj Kolombatović

Juraj Kolombatović (8 December 1843 - 21 September 1908) was a Croatian zoologist, best known for his work in the field of ichthyology and the Marjan hill reforestation project.

Juraj Kolombatović
Juraj-Kolombatovic-1843-1908 W640.jpg
Born(1843-12-08)8 December 1843
Died21 September 1908(1908-09-21) (aged 64)
Split, Kingdom of Dalmatia, Austria-Hungary

A high school professor from 1864 to 1900,[1] Kolombatović is remembered for his discovery of nine new species of fish and in 1886, he described a species of lizard - Dinarolacerta mosorensis - the Mosor rock lizard, the goby Gobius kolombatovici is named in his honour.[2] In addition, in 1852 an afforestation project was launched planting Aleppo pine on Marjan, and he participated in the founding of the Marjan society in 1903.


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