In 1506, the 12th year of King Yeonsan, a group of officials – notably Park Won-jong, Seong Hui-ahn, Yoo Soon-jeong and Hong Gyeong-ju plotted against the despotic ruler. They launched a coup on 2 September 1506, deposing the king and replacing him with his half-brother, Grand Prince Jinseong. The king was demoted to prince, and exiled to Ganghwado, where he died a few weeks later.[1] Consort Jang Nok-su, who was regarded as a 'femme fatale' who had encouraged Yeonsangun's misrule, was beheaded. Yeonsangun's young sons were also killed.

Coup of 1506
Date2 September 1506

Successful Coup

Joseon Insugrents
led by Park Won-jong and Seong Hui-ahn
Joseon Government
Commanders and leaders
Park Won-jong
Seong Hui-ahn
Yoo Soon-jeong
Hong Gyeong-ju
King Yeonsan
Jang Nok-su Executed
Im Sa-hong 
Yoo Ja-gwang (defected)

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