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Jang Nok-su (Korean장녹수, died 1506) was the consort of Yeonsangun of Joseon. She is often compared with Jang Hui-bin and Jeong Nan-jeong, two other women of the Joseon Dynasty. After the overthrow of Yeonsangun, she was executed by the new ruler, Jungjong of Joseon.

Jang Nok-su
Royal Consort Suk-Yong
Kingdom of Joseon
Kingdom of Joseon
SpouseKing Yeonsangun of Joseon
HouseHeungdeok Jang
FatherJang Han-pil
Jang Nok-su
Revised RomanizationSukyong Jangssi
McCune–ReischauerSukyong Changssi


Her father was Jang Han-pil who lived in the western part of Chungcheong Province and her mother was a concubine from the cheonmin people. Because of this, Jang Nok-su lived as a servant of the Grand Prince Jean, son of Yejong of Joseon and Queen Ansun. After she gave birth to a son, she learned to sing and dance and became a kisaeng. She was only of ordinary beauty, but had a vibrant and youthful appearance, and possessed an extraordinary talent for singing and music.

One day, Yeonsangun heard her voice and appointed Jang Nok-su his concubine, sending lots of gifts and wealth to her family. Concubine Jang seemed to treat Yeonsangun as a baby, but he so favored her that all rulings and punishments were made under her influence. In 1503 Jang Nok-su became Royal Consort when she was elevated to the rank of Suk-yong. Based on the king's favor, her brother-in-law Kim Hyo-Son (husband of her sister) was given an official post.

Although Jang Nok-su lived in the palace, she destroyed her house to rebuild a new and a bigger house. In 1506, a group of officials plotted against the despotic ruler of Yeonsangun. King Yeonsangun was dethroned and sent into exile. The last moments of Jang Nok-su's life were miserable. She was beheaded publicly and many people threw rocks at her dead body.


  • Father: Jang Han-pil (장한필)
    • Sister: Jang Bok-su (장복수)
      • Brother-in-law: Kim Hyo-son (김효손)
  • Husband: King Yeonsangun of Joseon (23 November 1476 – 20 November 1506) (조선 연산군)
    • Daughter: Princess Yi Yeong-Su (이영수)
      • Son-in-law: Kwon Han (권한)

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