June 1946 French legislative election in Morocco

Elections to the French National Assembly were held in Morocco on 2 June 1946 as part of wider French elections. Three seats were up for election, with three lists winning one seat each.[1] Jean Jullien [fr] was elected on the Republican Party of Liberty–Anti-Marxist Union list, Jean Léonetti [fr] was re-elected on the French Section of the Workers International list, and Jacques Augarde [fr] was elected on the Popular Republican Movement list.[2][3][4]


Republican Party of Liberty–Anti-Marxist Union26,10835.801
French Section of the Workers International13,07417.931
Popular Republican Movement16,51322.651
Moroccan Communist Party12,90217.690
Rally of Republican Lefts3,7135.090
Young Republic6100.840
Registered voters/turnout115,302
Source: Sternberger et al.


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