Julian Perry Robinson

Julian Perry Robinson (11 November 1941 – 22 April 2020)[1] was a British chemist and peace researcher.[2][3]

Academic careerEdit

He held research appointments at the Free University of Berlin, Harvard University and the University of Sussex.[2]

He was a consultant to the World Health Organisation, United Nations, the International Committee of the Red Cross and the United Nations Environment Programme.[2]

He was a member of staff at the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute from 1968 to 1971.[2] While there he was a principal contributor to the six volume study The Problem of Chemical and Biological Warfare .[2]

He was also a co-convenor of the Pugwash Study Group on Implementation of the Chemical and Biological Weapons Conventions, co-directed the Harvard Sussex Programme on Chemical and Biological Weapons, which published the CBW Conventions Bulletin.[2]

Personal life and deathEdit

He died on 22 April 2020 as a result of complications related to COVID-19.[2][3] His widow is Mary Kaldor.


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