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Julcán[1] (possibly from Quechua qullqa, deposit, storehouse, -n a suffix)[2] is a 4,900-metre-high (16,076 ft) mountain in the Huayhuash mountain range in the Andes of Peru. It is located in the Lima Region, Cajatambo Province, Cajatambo District.[3] Julcán lies on a sub-range west of the main range, southwest of Mitopunta and southeast of Huacshash. It is situated north of the Pumarinri valley.[1][3]

Waqshash, Waywash.jpg
Huacshash with Julcán and Socojirca in the foreground
Highest point
Elevation4,900 m (16,100 ft) [1]
Coordinates10°26′25″S 76°57′59″W / 10.44028°S 76.96639°W / -10.44028; -76.96639Coordinates: 10°26′25″S 76°57′59″W / 10.44028°S 76.96639°W / -10.44028; -76.96639
Julcán is located in Peru
LocationPeru, Lima Region, Cajatambo Province
Parent rangeAndes, Huayhuash


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