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Judo at the 2010 Summer Youth Olympics – Girls' 44 kg

The Girls' 44 kg tournament in Judo at the 2010 Summer Youth Olympics was held on August 21 at the International Convention Centre.

This event was the lightest of the girl's judo weight classes, limiting competitors to a maximum of 44 kilograms of body mass. The tournament bracket consisted of a single-elimination contest culminating in a gold medal match. There was also a repechage to determine the winners of the two bronze medals. Each judoka who had lost before the finals competed in the repechage with the two finalists getting bronze medals.




Main BracketEdit

Round of 16 Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
          Seul Bi Bae (KOR) 101  
  Dieulourdes Joseph (HAI) 000       Yoana Damyanova (BUL) 000  
  Yoana Damyanova (BUL) 101         Seul Bi Bae (KOR) 100  
            Lesley Cano (PER) 000  
          Lesly Cano (PER) 020  
          Neha Thakur (IND) 000  
            Seul Bi Bae (KOR) 011
            Barbara Batizi (HUN) 000
          Barbara Batizi (HUN) 101  
          Vita Valnova (BLR) 000  
            Barbara Batizi (HUN) 020  
            Sothea Sam (CAM) 000  
          Cynthia Rahming (BAH) 000      
          Sothea Sam (CAM) 012      


First round   Quarterfinals   Semifinals   Bronze Medal Finals
      Dieulourdes Joseph (HAI) 000         Yoana Damyanova (BUL) 000
  Dieulourdes Joseph (HAI) BYE       Neha Thakur (IND) 101           Sothea Sam (CAM) 100
          Neha Thakur (IND) 000
      Yoana Damyanova (BUL) 021  
      Yoana Damyanova (BUL) BYE
      Cynthia Rahming (BAH) BYE         Vita Valnova (BLR) 001
                  Lesly Cano (PER) 000
          Cynthia Rahming (BAH) 000
      Vita Valnova (BLR) 100  
      Vita Valnova (BLR) BYE