Judd Hoos

Judd Hoos is an American rock band based in Sturgis, South Dakota.[1] The band's line up consists of Tyler Bills (vocals and guitar), Shane Funk (drums), Chris Hornick (bass), and Andy Young (guitar).[2]

Judd Hoos
Judd Hoos playing in Sturgis on April 16, 2016.
Judd Hoos playing in Sturgis on April 16, 2016.
Background information
OriginSturgis, South Dakota, USA
Years active2004-present
  • Shane Funk
  • Chris Hornick
  • Andy Young
  • Tyler Bills
Past members
  • Bob Zwart
  • Drew Lerdal
  • Zach Fronce
  • Devin Bills

The band released a new single Dirty Work on June 8, 2018.[3] Their previous single, Breathe In, charted 23 on the iTunes new rock single releases.[4][5] Breathe In, is a follow up to their Billboard single released a year prior that charted 83 on the iTunes new rock single releases.[6][7] Billboard is on the soundtrack to the 2016 film Tater Tot & Patton.[8]


Formation (2004)Edit

The band formed when Bob Zwart left regional rock band Zwartè in 2004 to audition as a front man for a band being formed in Sturgis, South Dakota by Shane Funk and original guitarist, Drew Lerdal.[9] Bob had been the drummer for Zwartè for 14 years and upon his departure recruited former Zwartè bassist Chris Hornick.[1]

Touring (2004-present)Edit

The band's tour primarily includes shows in South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska, Colorado, Minnesota, and Iowa.[10]

Lineup change (2016)Edit

In February 2016 Original front-man Bob Zwart retired from the band.[11]


In 2003 Judd Hoos signed with HomeSlice Artist Management,[12] a subsidiary of the HomeSlice Group, an entertainment and media company that is the worldwide exclusive licensing agent[10] of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.


The band independently released their debut album Best Intentions in 2007 that was later re-mastered and re-released in 2008 as Better Intentions.[13] Better Intentions featured the band's singles Best Intentions[14] and Just Because.[15] Their 2013 follow-up album titled Two[16] featured their single Stand Up[17] that received regional airplay thanks to a number of independent Program Directors at different radio stations across the Midwest. On July 7, 2015 the band released a single titled Billboard followed up by a new single titled Breathe In on May 6, 2016.[4] The bands' single House Party was released on June 17, 2016 in conjunction with their EP release.[18] Their latest full-length album Music In The Dark[19] was released on June 2, 2017.

Studio albumsEdit

  • Better Intentions[13]
    • Released 2008
    • Label: Self-Released
  • Two[16]
    • Released 2013
    • Label: Self-Released
  • Music In The Dark[19]
    • Released 2017
    • Label: Self-Released


  • Best Intentions (2008)[14]
  • Just Because (2008)[15]
  • Stand Up (2013)[17]
  • Billboard (2015)[6]
  • Breathe In (2016)[4]
  • House Party (2016)[18]
  • Dirty Work (2018)[3]

Music videosEdit

Year Video Director
2018 Say My Name Tyler Horner[20]
2017 Awake Paul Ryan[21]
2017 Breathe In Marc Linn[22]
2013 Stand Up Chris Hornick
2015 Billboard Marc Linn


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