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Joyful Noise Recordings is an independent record label from Indianapolis, Indiana. The label was founded in 2003 in Bloomington, Indiana by Karl Hofstetter, who also played drums on many of the label's first releases.[1] Joyful Noise currently has a roster of 20+ bands of various musical styles, though according to the label, each artist "in one way or another bridges this gap between pop and noise."[1] Along with housing offices and the warehouse of the label, their Fountain Square location hosts live shows and a small record store.

Joyful Noise
Joyful Noise logo.png
Founded2003 (2003)
FounderKarl Hofstetter
Distributor(s)Secretly Canadian
GenreIndie rock, alternative rock, experimental, doom metal
Country of originUnited States
LocationIndianapolis, Indiana

In 2010 Joyful Noise began focusing largely on limited edition specialty releases which are generally released on analog formats packaged with music downloads. In addition to releases on vinyl records, the label has gained notoriety for being at the forefront of the resurgence of cassette tapes and flexi-discs, as reported by The Washington Post, Pitchfork Media, Under The Radar, and others.[2][3][4][5][6]

Joyful Noise has released single-album cassettes from Akron/Family, Dinosaur Jr., Deerhoof, of Montreal, Here We Go Magic, and others, and has released multi-album Cassette Box Sets from Dinosaur Jr., of Montreal, and Joan Of Arc.[1]

In 2012 Joyful Noise released their first album to chart on Billboard: Kishi Bashi "151a" (debuting at #6 on the "Heatseekers" chart).[7] Since that time, new music on Joyful Noise from artists such as Sebadoh, Dumb Numbers, David Yow,[8] and Son Lux have all charted.



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Artist in ResidenceEdit

Starting in 2014, Joyful Noise began hosting artists for year-long residencies in which they release new music exclusively on the label.

Flexi Disc SeriesEdit

In late 2011 Joyful Noise announced their 2012 Flexi Disc Series, which featured singles from Deerhoof, Jad Fair, Lou Barlow, of Montreal, and others.[9] Each artist contributed a single song which is not available anywhere else. Each Flexi Disc was limited to 500 copies, and were sold as a monthly subscription. Now in its fourth year, the Flexi Disc series has upped their distribution to 1000 copies of each single and grown to include acts such as Cloud Nothings, Sonny & the Sunsets, Lee Ranaldo, Thurston Moore and Sufjan Stevens.[10]









  • Kishi Bashi "Room for Dream" LP (JNR98)
  • Here We Go Magic "A Different Ship" CS (JNR95)
  • Victor Villarreal "Victor Villarreal / m0ck" Split 7" (JNR96)
  • CJ Boyd "West Coasting Vol. 1 - Dreams Like This Must Die (Seattle circa 91)" LP/CS (JNR91)
  • Joan of Arc "Joan of Arc Presents: Joan of Arc" LP (JNR88)
  • Kishi Bashi "151a" CD/LP (JNR92)
  • Child Bite "Monomania" LP (JNR87)
  • of Montreal "Paralytic Stalks" CS (JNR90)
  • Victor Villarreal "Invisible Cinema" LP (JNR84)
  • Jad Fair + Hifiklub + kptmichigan "Bird House" LP (JNR85)


  • Dinosaur Jr. "Cassette Trilogy" CS (JNR86)
  • of Montreal "Cassette Box Set" CS (JNR69)
  • Marmoset "Today It's You" LP (JNR82)
  • Marmoset "Vinyl Box Set" LP (JNR83)
  • Sleeping Bag "Sleeping Bag" CD/LP/Sleeping Bag (JNR80)
  • DMA "Drem Beb" CS (JNR76)
  • Dinosaur Jr. "Bug" CS (JNR79)
  • Joan Of Arc "Life Like" CS (JNR77)
  • Memory Map "Holiday Band" CD/LP (JNR75)
  • Jookabox "The Eyes Of The Fly" CD/LP (JNR74)
  • Joan Of Arc "The Joan of Arc Lightbox Orchestra Conducted by Fred Lonberg-Holm" MP3 (JNR78)
  • Danielson "Best of Gloucester County" CS (JNR72)
  • Joan Of Arc "Oh Brother" LP (JNR66)
  • Akron/Family "S/T II: The Cosmic Birth and Journey of Shinju TNT" CS (JNR73)
  • Deerhoof "Deerhoof vs. Evil" CS (JNR68)


  • Big Bear "See Out" MP3 (JNR71)
  • Big Bear "Under The Beach" MP3 (JNR70)
  • Hermit Thrushes "Wooded Blankets" CS (JNR67)
  • of Montreal "False Priest" CS (JNR65)
  • Joan Of Arc "Flowers" CS (JNR64)
  • Joan Of Arc "Boo Human" CS (JNR63)
  • Joan Of Arc "Eventually, All At Once" CS (JNR62)
  • Joan Of Arc "Joan Of Arc, Dick Cheney, Mark Twain" CS (JNR61)
  • Joan Of Arc "In Rape Fantasy and Terror Sex We Trust" CS (JNR60)
  • Joan Of Arc "So Much Staying Alive and Lovelessness" CS (JNR59)
  • Joan Of Arc "The Gap" CS (JNR58)
  • Joan Of Arc "Live In Chicago, 1999" CS (JNR57)
  • Joan Of Arc "How Memory Works" CS (JNR56)
  • Joan Of Arc "A Portable Model Of" CS (JNR55)
  • Joan Of Arc "Cassette Box Set" CS (JNR50)
  • Abner Trio "The Giant Crushes You" LP/CS (JNR42)
  • Marmoset "Doo Wop b/w She's Wearing Rings" CS (JNR52)
  • Child Bite "The Living Breathing Organ Summer" CD/LP/CS (JNR54)
  • Racebannon "Wrap the Body" LP (JNR45)
  • Abner Trio "The Giant Crushes You" LP/CS (JNR42)
  • Berry "Blue Sky, Raging Sun" LP/CS (JNR49)
  • Prizzy Prizzy Please "Chroma Cannon" CD/LP/CS (JNR47)
  • CJ Boyd "Alternate Roots" MP3 (JNR53)
  • Prizzy Prizzy Please "Prizzy Prizzy Please" MP3 (JNR48)
  • Jookabox/Kid Primitive Family "Split" CS (JNR46)


  • Stationary Odyssey "Johnfriend EP" MP3 (JNR44)
  • Stationary Odyssey "Sons of Boy" CD (JNR43)
  • CJ Boyd "Aerial Roots" CD/LP (JNR41)
  • I Love You "Bell Ord Forrest" CD/CS (JNR38)
  • Child Bite / Big Bear "Split" 7" (JNR37)
  • Jookabox "Dead Zone Boys" CD/LP (JNR40)
  • Marmoset "Lemon Meringue Live" MP3 (JNR39)
  • Marmoset "Tea Tornado" CD (JNR35)
  • Hermit Thrushes "Slight Fountain" CD (JNR36)
  • Push-Pull "Between Noise and the Indians" CD (JNR33)
  • Valina "A Tempo! A Tempo!" CD (JNR34)
  • Bizzart "Future Stars And Small Wonders" CD (JNR32)
  • Hi Red Center "Assemble" CD/LP (JNR29)
  • The Delicious "The Delicious The Delicious" CD (JNR31)


  • Various Artists "Joyful Noise 2009 Digital Sampler" MP3 (JNR28)
  • Push-Pull / Prizzy Prizzy Please "PPPPPEP" 7" (JNR30)
  • Man At Arms "A Waste Of Time And Space" CD (JNR27)
  • Grampall Jookabox "Ropechain" CD/LP (JNR25)
  • Grampall Jookabox "Rill Bruh" MP3 (JNR26)
  • Marmoset "Record In Red" LP (JNR24)
  • The Delicious "Postcard To My Sewing Circle" CD EP (JNR22)
  • Various Artists "Defunct Indiana" CD (JNR23)
  • Lafcadio "Kibosh" CD (JNR21)


  • Push-Pull "3" CD EP (JNR19)
  • Child Bite "Gold Thriller" CD EP (JNR18)
  • Child Bite "I Like Friends" MP3 Single (JNR20)
  • Marmoset "Florist Fired" LP (JNR17)
  • Grampall Jookabox "Scientific Cricket" CD (JNR16)
  • Child Bite / Stationary Odyssey "Physical Education" CD EP (JNR15)


  • Stationary Odyssey "Terror on The Hell Loop" MP3 EP (JNR14)
  • Abner Trio / Man At Arms CD (JNR13)
  • Stationary Odyssey "Head! Foot! And The Pink Axe" CD (JNR12)
  • Melk The G6-49 "Mene Mene Tekel Parsin" CD (JNR11)
  • LAFCADIO "Sham Duvet" CD (JNR10)
  • Manners For Husbands "Sickly Love Sadness" MP3 (JNR09)
  • Abner Trio "Distant Thunder of the Sacred Force" CD (JNR08)


  • Various Artists "Strata: A Young Person's Guide to Experimental Music" CD (JNR07)
  • Gogglesphere / The Nancy School Split 7" (JNR06)
  • Receptor Sight "Cycles and Connections" CD (JNR05)


  • Gogglesphere "Babies In Hell..." CD (JNR04)
  • Melk The G6-49 "Glossolalia" CD (JNR03)
  • Manners For Husbands / Melk The G6-49 Split 7" (JNR02)


  • Melk The G6-49 "S/T" CD (JNR01)

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