Journal of Music Theory

The Journal of Music Theory is a peer-reviewed academic journal specializing in music theory and analysis. It was established by David Kraehenbuehl (Yale University) in 1957.

Journal of Music Theory
Publication details
History1957 to present
Duke University Press for the Yale Department of Music ( United States)
Standard abbreviations
ISO 4J. Music Theory
ISSN0022-2909 (print)
1941-7497 (web)

According to its website, "[t]he Journal of Music Theory fosters conceptual and technical innovations in abstract, systematic musical thought and cultivates the historical study of musical concepts and compositional techniques. The journal publishes research with important and broad applications in the analysis of music and the history of music theory as well as theoretical or metatheoretical work that engages and stimulates ongoing discourse in the field. While remaining true to its original formalist outlook, the journal also addresses the influences of philosophy, mathematics, computer science, cognitive sciences, and anthropology on music theory."[1]

The journal is currently edited by Richard Cohn.[2] It has a long and distinguished history of past editors, including Allen Forte.[3]

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