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Joseph Lee Green (born 1931) is an American science fiction author and a charter member of the Science Fiction Writers of America. He is a prolific short story author best known for his novel Gold the Man. His work has been translated into German, Italian, Spanish, French, Polish and Dutch.

Joseph Lee Greene
Born(1931-01-14)January 14, 1931
Compass Lake, Florida
Pen nameJoseph Green, Joseph L. Green
NationalityUnited States
GenreScience fiction



Green was born in 1931. He received his BA from the University of Alabama and has variously worked as a mill hand, construction worker and a supervisor for Boeing. His chief employment was in the American space program for which he worked for 37 years, retiring from NASA as Deputy Chief of the Education Office at Kennedy Space Center. His specialty was the preparation of NASA fact sheets, brochures and other such publications for the general public, in which complex scientific and engineering concepts were explained in layman's language.




  • The Loafers of Refuge (1965)
  • Gold the Man (also known as The Mind Behind the Eye, 1971)
  • Conscience Interplanetary (1972)
  • The Horde (1976)
  • Star Probe (1976)

Short fiction collectionsEdit

  • An Affair with Genius, London: Victor Gollancz Ltd. 1969
    • Contains: "Jinn", "The Decision Makers", "Once Around Arcturus", "The Engineer", "Single Combat", "Life-force", "An Affair with Genius", "Tunnel of Love" and "Dance of the Cats."

Short fictionEdit

  • "The Engineer", New Worlds SF, February 1962.
  • "Once Around Arcturus", Worlds of If, September 1962.
  • "Initiation Rites", New Worlds SF, April 1962.
  • "The Colonist", New Worlds SF, August 1962.
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  • "The Fourth Generation", Science Fiction Adventures, Vol. 5, No. 30, 1962.
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  • "The Fight on Hurricane Island", Argosy (British edition), June 1963
  • "Refuge", New Worlds SF, July 1963.
  • "Single Combat", New Worlds SF, July–August 1964.
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  • "With Conscience of the New", (with Patrice Milton) Analog, February 1989.

+ "Plague Ship", Aberrant Dreams, Autumn 2006. + "Turtle Love", Welcome To The Greenhouse, original anthology, February 2011.

  • "Talus Slope", Perihelion Science Fiction, February 2013.
  • "Curfew Tolls the Parting Day", (with Shelby Vick) Perihelion Science Fiction, May 2013.
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+ "A Killing In Kind", "FictionVale", third issue, about June 2014.

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  • "Play Sweetly, In Harmony", The Last Dangerous Visions (not yet published).


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