José Marín de Velasco

José Marín de Velasco was a Governor of Chiloé in the early 18th century. He was named Royal Governor of Chiloé by the King of Spain in 1708 by doing a monetary contribution—or in other words de facto purchasing the office.[1]

José Marín de Velasco
Royal Governor of Chiloé
In office
MonarchPhilip V of Spain
Succeeded byBlas de Vera Ponce y León
Royal Governor of Chiloé
In office
1715 or 1716 – 1719
MonarchPhilip V of Spain
Succeeded byNicolás Salvo
Military service
Allegiance Spain
UnitCaballos de Chacao

Conflict with Garzón and Huilliche rebellion edit

During his governance his authority was challenged by captain Alejandro Garzón Garaicochea who claimed he too was governor.[2][3] Garzón presented a letter from the Royal Governor of Chile Juan Andrés de Ustariz to the cabildo of Castro where he was assigned governor in case of Marín's absence. Garzón interpreted that as he being the governor in Calbuco when Marín was in Chacao, and governor in Chacao when Marín was in Castro.[3] Marín ordered Garzón to meet him at the fort of Chacao in 1712, if not his actions were to be considered treason towards the king. When Garzón did not compel with the order Marín gathered the cavalry of Chacao and requested the aid of the militia of Castro. Garzón chose to leave Calbuco with "all the soldiers of the fort and 40 indios reyunos" and travelled to Central Chile via the Nahuel Huapi route.[3]

Local Huilliches took advantage of the conflicts among the Spaniards and the weakening of the forces caused by Garzón's departure and launched a considerable rebellion.[3][2] Marín's with the aid of Spaniards and loyal Indians repressed rebellion.[3]

Suspension and restitution edit

Garzón accused Marín of triggering the rebellion by abusing the indigenous peoples. In face of the events and Garzón's accusation Ustariz sent Pedro de Molina Vasconcelos as judge to the Governorate of Chiloé. Molina destituted Marín as governor. Molina found Marín guilty among other things of allowing the kidnapping of children, and allowing abuses of the Encomienda system. The 1715 trial of residence of Ustariz changed the situation as Ustariz was accused of having supported Garzón's insubordination and protecting him afterwards. This done, Marín was reconstituted as Royal Governor of Chiloé in 1715.[3]

References edit

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