Johor Circuit

Johor Circuit is the motorsport race track in Johor, Malaysia. It was the first motosport track in Malaysia located in Pasir Gudang.

Johor Circuit
LocationPasir Gudang, Johor, Malaysia
Broke ground1985
Length3.69[1] km
Johor Circuit


The construction of the circuit began in 1985 and was officially opened on 1986 by Sultan Iskandar.[2] In 1998, it underwent another development. In 2015, Sultan Ibrahim Ismail announced that the circuit would be redeveloped. In 2016, the new design plan was presented with a cost of US$800 million.[3]


The circuit hosted the Malaysian motorcycle Grand Prix back in 1998,[4] as well as two races of the Superbike World Championship in 1992 and 1993.

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Coordinates: 1°28′58″N 103°54′34″E / 1.48278°N 103.90944°E / 1.48278; 103.90944