John Blair Vornholt (born February 14, 1951) is an American author, screenwriter and journalist.

John Vornholt
BornJohn Blair Vornholt
(1951-02-14) February 14, 1951 (age 73)
Marion, Ohio, U.S.[1]
  • Author
  • screenwriter
  • playwright
  • journalist
SpouseNancy Vornholt
Children2 children

As an author, he has written numerous media tie-ins, including many Star Trek novels. As a screenwriter, he worked on several animated children's series of the 1980s, including Ghostbusters, Dennis the Menace and Beverly Hills Teens. As a journalist, he has worked as lead writer for The Hollywood Reporter and Tucson Weekly.[1][2]

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Original works edit

  • The Troll King
  • The Troll Queen
  • The Troll Treasure
  • The First Third (play)
  • How To Sneak Into The Girls’ Locker Room

Babylon 5 edit

  • Book One Voices
  • Book Three Blood Oath

Buffy and Angel edit

Dinotopia edit

  • Riverquest
  • Sabertooth Mountain
  • Dolphin Watch

Final Fantasy edit

  • Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (YA version)

Flight 29 Down edit

Marvel edit

  • Spider-Man: Valley Of The Lizard

Primal Rage edit

  • The Avatars

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