John, Lord of Beauvoir

John of Luxembourg (Jean de Luxembourg) (c. 1370 – bef. 2 July 1397, Italy[1]), was Lord of Beauvoir (or Beaurevoir) and Richebourg, and also (as John II) Count of Brienne and Conversano (iure uxoris).

John of Luxembourg
Lord of Beauvoir and Richebourg as John I
PredecessorWaleran III
SuccessorJohn II
Count of Brienne and Conversano, Lord of Enghien as John II
Reign1394–1397 with Margaret, Countess of Brienne
PredecessorLouis, Count of Enghien
SuccessorPeter I of Luxembourg
Bornc. 1370
Diedbef. 2 July 1397
SpouseMargaret, Countess of Brienne (1387–1397)
IssuePeter I of Luxembourg
John II of Luxembourg, Count of Ligny
Louis of Luxembourg
Catherine of Luxembourg
Jeanne of Luxembourg
HouseHouse of Luxembourg
FatherGuy I of Luxembourg
MotherMahaut of Châtillon

He was a member of the French branch of the House of Luxembourg, the son of Guy I of Luxembourg, Count of Ligny and Mahaut de Châtillon (1335–1378), Countess of Saint-Pol.[2] Blessed Pierre de Luxembourg was his brother.

John married around 1387 with Margaret, Countess of Brienne, daughter of Louis of Enghien,[3] suo jure heiress of the counties of Brienne and of Conversano, and the Lordship of Enghien.

They had five children:[4]


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