Johan Skjoldborg

Johan Skjoldborg (27 April 1861 – 22 February 1936) was a Danish educator, novelist, playwright and memoirist. [1]

Johan Skjoldborg


Johan Martinus Nielsen Skjoldborg was born in the parish of Øsløs in Thisted in north Jutland, Denmark. He was educated in Nibe and later trained as a teacher at Ranum Seminarium in Ranum. He was employed as a school teacher until he resigned in 1902. In his later years he lived in a house which was donated to him in Løgstør. Johan Skjoldborg's childhood home in Øsløs was opened as a museum in 1961 on the centenary of his birth.[2][3]

Among his works are the novel En Stridsmand from 1896, the play Slægten from 1925, and the two volumes Min Mindebog from 1934/1935.[2]


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