Joachim Cuntz

Joachim Cuntz (born 28 September 1948 in Mannheim) is a German mathematician, currently a professor at the University of Münster.

Joachim Cuntz in Oberwolfach


Joachim Cuntz has made fundamental contributions to the area of C*-algebras and to the field of noncommutative geometry in the sense of Alain Connes. He initiated the analysis of the structure of simple C*-algebras and introduced new methods and examples, including the Cuntz algebras and the Cuntz semigroup. He was one of the first to apply K-theory to noncommutative operator algebras and contributed to the development of that theory. In collaboration with Daniel Quillen, he developed a new approach to cyclic cohomology and proved the excision property of periodic cyclic theory. In recent years, he has been working mainly on C*-algebras that are related to structures from number theory.[1][2]

Joachim Cuntz had dozens of PhD students and research assistants, many of which are professors in mathematics today.[2] Among them are:

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