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Jing'an Temple (simplified Chinese: 静安寺; traditional Chinese: 靜安寺; pinyin: Jìng'ān Sì) is the name of an interchange station between Lines 2 and 7 of the Shanghai Metro. This station is located in Jing'an District, below the historic Jing'an Temple and the Jiu Guang shopping mall. It is part of the initial section of Line 2 that opened from Zhongshan Park to Longyang Road that opened on 20 September 1999;[1][2][3] the interchange with line 7 opened on 5 December 2009 as part of that line's initial section between Shanghai University and Huamu Road.[4][5]

Jing'an Temple

Shanghai Metro
Jing'an Temple Station Line 2 Platform.jpg
Line 2 platform
LocationNanjing West Road and Huashan Road, Jing'an Temple
Jing'an District, Shanghai
Coordinates31°13′23″N 121°26′46″E / 31.223083°N 121.446221°E / 31.223083; 121.446221Coordinates: 31°13′23″N 121°26′46″E / 31.223083°N 121.446221°E / 31.223083; 121.446221
Operated byShanghai No.2/3 Metro Operation Co. Ltd.
Platforms4 (2 island platforms)
Structure typeUnderground
Disabled accessYes
  • 20 September 1999 (1999-09-20) (Line 2)
  • 5 December 2009 (2009-12-05) (Line 7)
Preceding station   Shanghai Metro   Following station
toward East Xujing
Line 2
toward Meilan Lake
Line 7
toward Huamu Road
toward Fengbang
Line 14
toward Guiqiao Road
Jing'an Temple is located in Shanghai
Jing'an Temple
Jing'an Temple
Location in Shanghai

There are shuttle buses between Jing'an Temple and Hongqiao or Pudong airports. The shuttle bus from Pudong leaves the airport as 'Airport Bus Line 2' towards the 'Airport City Terminal' which is the official name of the Jingan Temple shuttle bus station and costs 22 ¥ as of January 2015. The ride takes about half an hour from Hongqiao Airport and 45–60 minutes depending on traffic from Pudong Airport. From Pudong the bus is usually faster and more convenient than the subway connection.


Thirteen people were injured in 2014 when an escalator connecting Line 2 and Line 7 malfunctioned. The upward-moving escalator's drive chain snapped during the morning rush hour, according to Shanghai Shentong Metro Group, the city's metro operator.[6]

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