Jet Fighter (video game)

Jet Fighter is a 2 player arcade game by Atari, originally released in 1975.[1]

Jet Fighter
Jet Fighter Flyer.png
Poster for Jet Fighter
Genre(s)military, shooter


The game is housed in a custom cabinet that includes two 8-way joysticks (one per player) meant to look like older style flight sticks. Each stick has a fire button mounted on the top.


The players fly in simulated jets around the screen, engaging in a dogfight and attempting to score hits on their opponent within a limited amount of time. When a player is hit, their plane spins around and an explosion is heard. After a few seconds, the plane recovers, pointing at a random direction.


  • A clone of the game, bearing the same name, was released by Atari subsidiary Kee Games.
  • A home console port was included in the Atari 2600 game cartridge Combat.
  • Dogfight by Microlab for Apple II.


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