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Japanese New Zealanders (日系ニュージーランド人, Nikkei Nyūjirando-jin) are New Zealand citizens of Japanese ancestry, which may include Japanese immigrants and descendants born in New Zealand.

Japanese New Zealanders
Total population
13,435[2] (Japanese citizenship)
Regions with significant populations
Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington
NZ English and Japanese
Buddhism, Christianity, Shinto, Non-Religious
Related ethnic groups
Japanese diaspora, Japanese Australians


Locations of hoshū jugyō kō in New Zealand (those of blue dots have teachers sent from Japan while those of green dots do not

There are weekend supplementary Japanese education programmes (hoshū jugyō kō) in Auckland, Canterbury/Christchurch, and Wellington.[3]

  • Canterbury Japanese Supplementary School (カンタベリー日本語補習校 Kantaberī Nihongo Hoshūkō) - Ilam School, Ilam, Christchurch[4]
  • Auckland Japanese Supplementary School (オークランド日本語補習学校 Ōkurando Nihongo Hoshūgakkō)[5]
  • Japan-New Zealand Joint Venture School (ウェリントン補習授業校 Werinton Hoshū Jugyō Kō)[6] - Crofton Downs, Wellington

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