Japan Foundation Awards

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The Japan Foundation Awards honor individuals and organizations for significant contributions to "the enhancement of mutual understanding between Japan and other countries."


Activities in an academic or cultural field have been presented by the Japan Foundation annually since 1973.[1]

In 1985, Eleanor Harz Jorden was the first woman to receive a Japan Foundation Award.[2]


The awards help to further the mission of the foundation in language and culture.[3]

Two types of awards (the Japan Foundation Awards and the Japan Foundation Special Prizes) previously composed the Japan Foundation Awards. But these awards are integrated into “The Japan Foundation Awards” in three categories: "Arts and Culture", "Japanese Language", and "Japanese Studies and Intellectual Exchange" from 2008.


Japan Foundation AwardsEdit

Year Recipients Country
1973 Serge Elisseeff (Professor, Harvard University / Japanese Studies) U.S.A.
The International House of Japan, Inc. Japan
Japan Society U.S.A.
Sophia University Japan
1974 James William Fulbright (Former Senator) U.S.A.
Bernard Howell Leach (Potter) U.K.
1975 Edwin Oldfather Reischauer (Professor, Harvard University; Former Ambassador to Japan / Japanese Studies) U.S.A.
Kojiro Yoshikawa (Professor Emeritus, Kyoto University; Chairman, The Institute of Eastern Culture) Japan
1976 * John Whitney Hall (Professor, Yale University / Modern Japanese History) U.S.A.
Robert E. Ward (Professor, Stanford University / Politics) U.S.A.
The Toyo Bunko Japan
1977 Ronald Philip Dore (Professor, University of Sussex) U.K.
Choei Ishibashi (Chairman, International Medical Society of Japan / Pediatrics) Japan
Meiji Newspapers and Magazine Library, the Faculty of Laws, the University of Tokyo Japan
1978 Frank James Daniels (Professor Emeritus, University of London / Japanese Language Teaching Methodology) U.K.
James Lanius Stewart (Representative in Japan, The Asian Foundation) U.S.A.
Yasaka Takagi (Professor Emeritus, University of Tokyo; Member, The Japan Academy / U.S. Political History) Japan
1979 Charles Burton Fahs (Former Minister at U.S. Embassy in Tokyo; Former Professor, Miami University) U.S.A.
Robert Guillain (Journalist) France
Shigeharu Matsumoto (Chairman, The International House of Japan, Inc.) Japan
1980 George Cyril Allen (Professor Emeritus, University of London / Japanese Studies) U.K.
Hugh Borton (Senior Researcher, Asian Institute, Columbia University) U.S.A.
Shinobu Iwamura (Professor Emeritus, Kyoto University / Eastern Studies) Japan
1981 Ungku Abdul Aziz (Vice Chancellor, University of Malaya / Economics)[4] Malaysia
George Richard Storry (Professor Emeritus, University of Oxford / Japanese Studies)[4] U.K.
The Institute of Eastern Culture[4] Japan
1982 Yoshitaro Amano (Honorary Director, The Museo Amano of Peru) Peru
Marius Berthus Jansen (Professor, Princeton University / Japanese Studies) U.S.A.
Akira Kurosawa (Film Director) Japan
1983 Donald Keene (Professor, Columbia University / Japanese Literature) U.S.A.
René Sieffert (President, l'Institut National des Langues et Civilisations Orientales [INALCO]) France
Shin'ichi Suzuki (President & Director, Talent Education Institute) Japan
1984 Sir John Grenfell Crawford (Former Chancellor, Australian National University / Economics) Australia
Yoichi Maeda (Managing Director, The International House of Japan, Inc.) Japan
Edward George Seidensticker (Professor, Columbia University / Japanese Literature) U.S.A.
1985 Bernard Frank (Professor, College de France / Japanese Literature, Religious Thought) France
Eleanor Harz Jorden (Professor, Cornell University / Linguistics, Japanese Language Teaching)[2] U.S.A.
1986 Fosco Maraini (President, Italian Association for Japanese Studies / Anthropology) Italy
The Japan Society of Northern California U.S.A.
1987 James William Morley (Professor, Columbia University / International Relations) U.S.A.
Chie Nakane (Professor Emerita, University of Tokyo / Social Anthropology) Japan
1988 Seiji Ozawa (Music Director, Boston Symphony Orchestra) Japan
Xia Yan (Vice-President, All-China Federation of Literary and Art Circles) China
1989 David MacEachron (Advisor to the Board of Directors, the Japan Society (NY)) U.S.A.
Alexander Slawik (Professor Emeritus, The University of Vienna / Ethnology, Asian Studies) Austria
1990 Wieslaw Roman Kotanski (Professor, The University of Warsaw / Japanese Studies) Poland
Tadao Umesao (Director-General, National Museum of Ethnology) Japan
1991 Byong-sam Han (Director-General, National Museum of Korea / Anthropology) Korea
Ian Nish (Professor Emeritus, London School of Economics, University of London / Anglo-Japanese relations) U.K.
1992 Sutan Takdir Alisjahbana (Rector, Universitas Nasional / Literature) Indonesia
Frits Vos (Professor Emeritus, Leiden University / Japanese Studies) Netherlands
1993 Josef Pittau, S.J. (President, The Pontifical Gregorian University) Italy
Toru Takemitsu (Composer) Japan
1994 Toshio Kawatake (Professor Emeritus, Waseda University) Japan
Heinrich Pfeiffer (Secretary General, Alexander von Humboldt Foundation) Germany
1995 Donald Richie (Writer / Film Historian) U.S.A.
Soshitsu Sen (Grand Master, Urasenke Tradition of Tea) Japan
1996 O-Young Lee (Chair Professor, Ewha Women's University) Korea
Ezra Feivel Vogel (Director, Fairbank Center for East-Asia Research, Harvard University) U.S.A.
1997 Roger Goepper (Professor, University of Cologne) Germany
Ping-hua Sun (President, The China-Japan Friendship Association) China
1998 Ikuma Dan (Composer, Member of the Art Academy of Japan) Japan
Robert Anthony Scalapino (Robson Research Professor of Government Emeritus, University of California at Berkeley) U.S.A.
1999 Frank Bray Gibney (President, The Pacific Basin Institute at Pomona College) U.S.A.
Wolfgang Sawallisch (Conductor, Music Director of the Philadelphia Orchestra Honorary Conductor Laureate of the NHK Symphony Orchestra) Germany
2000 Myong Kwan Chi (Director,Institute of Japanese Studies, Hallym University) Korea
Yoneo Ishii (President, Kanda University of International Studies) Japan
2001 William G. Beasley (Emeritus Professor of the History of the Far East, University of London) U.K
Ikuo Hirayama (Artist) Japan
2002 Gerald L. Curtis (Burgess Professor of Political Science, Columbia University) U.S.A.
Makoto Ooka (Poet) Japan
2003 Yoshiaki Ishizawa (Professor, Faculty of Foreign Studies, Sophia University) Japan
Josef Kreiner (Director, Institute of Japanese Studies, The University of Bonn) Austria
2004 Toshiko Akiyoshi (Jazz Pianist, Jazz Music Composer) Japan
2005 Hayao Miyazaki (Animated Film Director) Japan
2006 Joe and Etsuko Price (Directors, The Shin'enKan Foundation) U.S.A.
2007 Royall Tyler (Former Professor and Head of the Japan Centre, Faculty of Asian Studies, Australian National University) Australia
2008 Arts and Culture: Marco Muller (Director of the Venice International Film Festival) Italy
Japanese Language: Angela Hondru (Professor of Japanese Literature and Civilization, Hyperion University) Romania
Japanese Studies and Intellectual Exchange: Kenneth B. Pyle (Professor, University of Washington) U.S.A.
2009 Arts and Culture: Boris Akunin (Writer) Russia
Japanese Language: Alliance of Associations of Teachers of Japanese (AATJ) U.S.A.
Japanese Studies and Intellectual Exchange: Arthur Stockwin (Former director of the Nissan Institute of Japanese Studies at the University of Oxford) U.K.
2010 Arts and Culture: Tadao Sato (Film Critic) Japan
Japanese Language: Savitri Vishwanathan (Former Professor of Japanese Studies, University of Delhi) India
Japanese Studies and Intellectual Exchange: Ben-Ami Shillony (Professor Emeritus of Japanese Studies, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem) Israel
2011 Arts and Culture: TAMBUCO Percussion Ensemble Mexico
Japanese Language: Department of Japanese and Japanese Literature, Faculty of Arts, Cairo University Egypt
Japanese Studies and Intellectual Exchange: Augustin Berque (Retired Professor, School of Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences) France
2014 Charles David Allis[5] U.S.A.
2016 Cai Guo-Qiang[6] China
2017 Alexandra Munroe (Senior Curator, Asian Art, and Senior Advisor, Global Arts, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum)[7] U.S.A.
2018 Spanish-Japanese Cultural Center of the University of Salamanca[8] Spain
Yoko Tawada[9] Japan
2019 Shuntaro Tanikawa (Poet) Japan
Association of Indonesian Alumni From Japan (PERSADA) Indonesia
Ewa Pałasz-Rutkowska (Professor, University of Warsaw) Poland

Special PrizesEdit

From 1974 to 2007, Special Prizes have been conferred, supplementing the list of those recognized by the Foundation.

Year Recipients Country
1974 Japan Center for International Exchange Japan
The Japanese Cultural Society, Singapore Singapore
1975 The Asian Students Cultural Association Japan
The European Association for Japanese Studies Europe
The Maison Franco-Japonaise Japan
1976 Deutsche Gesellschaft für Natur-und Völkerkunde Ostasiens in Tokyo Germany
The Fukuoka UNESCO Association Japan
1977 The International Society for Educational Information Japan
Simul International, Inc. Japan
1978 The Tokyo School of Japanese Language, The Institute for Research in Linguistic Culture Japan
The Kodokan Japan
1979 The Australia, Japan and Western Pacific Economic Relations Research Committee, A.N.U. Australia
Ken Kurihara (Compilatory Staff, Diplomatic Record Office) Japan
1980 Africa Society of Japan Japan
The Society for Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language Japan
1981 The Nihon Ki-in Japan
Publishers Association for Cultural Exchange, Japan Japan
1982 The Asiatic Society of Japan in Tokyo
The Inter-University Center for Japanese Language Studies in Tokyo
1983 The Asian Cultural Centre for UNESCO Japan
The International Students Institute Japan
1984 AFS International / Intercultural Programs, Inc. U.S.A.
Kawakita Memorial Film Institute Japan
1985 The International Education Center Japan
Japan-China Cultural Exchange Association Japan
1986 Shotaro Iida (Associate Professor, University of British Columbia / Indian Studies, Buddhism) Canada
The Japan-Netherlands Institute Japan
1987 Lokesh Chandra (Director, International Academy of Indian Culture / Buddhism) India
Josef Kreiner (Professor, Bonn University / Japanese Ethnology) Austria
1988 Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre (Toronto) Canada
Jean-Jacques Origas (Professor, l'Institut National des Langues et Civilisations Orientales) France
1989 Akio Hosono (Professor, The University of Tsukuba / Economics, Latin American Studies) Japan
Japan Association for Foreign Student Affairs Japan
1990 The Indonesian Foundation for Intercultural Learning Indonesia
The University of Tokyo Press Japan
1991 La Asociacion Argentino-Japonesa (Argentine-Japanese Association) Argentine
Japan Silver Volunteers, Inc. Japan
1992 The Association for Japanese-Language Teaching Japan
Peter Kornicki (University Lecturer in Japanese, University of Cambridge) [U.K.] / Nozomu Hayashi (Associate Professor, Toyoko Gakuen Women's College / Japanese Literature) Japan
Yuriko Kuronuma (Violinist, President of Academia Yuriko Kuronuma) Mexico
1993 Iwanami Hall Japan
Tatyana Lyvovna Sokolova-Delyusina (Translator, Member of the Moscow Literator Committee) Russia
1994 Kodansha International Ltd. Japan
Phaisith Phipatanakul (Secretary General, National Assembly) Thailand
1995 The Association for the Conservation of National Treasures Japan
Haji Abdul Razak Abdul Hamid (Head, Look East Policy Programme, Centre of Preparatory Education, MARA Institute of Technology)[10] Malaysia]
1996 Donald Keene Center of Japanese Culture, Columbia University U.S.A.
Midori Goto (Violinist / Founder and President of the Midori Foundation) Japan / U.S.A.
1997 Centre of Japanese Art and Technology "Manggha" in Cracow Poland
Kai Nieminen (Translator of Japanese Literature, Japanologist, Writer) Finland
1998 Thomas Erdos (Artistic Director, Theatre de la Ville) France
Pusan Korea-Japan Cultural Exchange Association Korea
Suntory Foundation Japan
1999 Japanese American National Museum U.S.A.
Ahmet Mete Tuncoku (Professor, Middle East Technical University) Turkey
Tadashi Yamamoto (President, Japan Center for International Exchange) Japan
2000 The Daido Life Foundation Japan
Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art, Haifa Museums Israel
Willy Freddy Vande Walle (Department Chair Section of Japanese Studies, Department of Oriental and Slavonic Studies, The Catholic University of Leuven) Belgium
2001 Kosta Balabanov (President of the Society for Macedonian-Japanese Friendship and Cooperation, Honorary Consul-General of Japan in Skopje) Macedonia
The Berliner Festspiele Germany
Naoyuki Miura (President, Artistic Director of Music From Japan, Inc.) Japan
2002 "Japanese Mothers for Foreign Students" Movement of the Tokyo YWCA Japan
The Old Japan Students' Association, Thailand (OJSAT) Thailand
Warsaw University, Oriental Studies Institute, Department of Japanese and Korean Studies Poland
2003 Far Eastern National University, Institute of Oriental Studies Russia
Mikio Kato (Trustee and Executive Director, International House of Japan) Japan
Turkish Japanese Foundation Turkey
2004 James Quandt (Senior Programmer, Cinematheque Ontario) Canada
Kurayoshi Takara (Professor, Faculty of Law and Letters, the University of the Ryukyus) Japan
Dok Bong Yi (Professor, Division of Foreign Languages, Dongduk Women's University) Korea
2005 China Japanese Educational Association China
Tabassum Kashmiri (Former Foreign Instructor, Osaka University of Foreign Studies) Pakistan
Philippine Educational Theater Association Philippines
2006 Yongdeok Kim (Dean, Graduate School of International Studies, Seoul National University) Korea
Saint-Petersburg State University, Faculty of Asian and African Studies Russia
Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival Organizing Committee Japan
2007 Ayse Selcuk Esenbel (Professor, Bosphorus University) Turkey
Levy Hideo (Novelist; Professor, Hosei University) U.S.A.
Fram Kitagawa (Art Director; Chairman, Art Forum Gallery Co.) Japan


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