Janna (Polish: Janka) is a 1989 German-Polish children's television series. Set in the 1920s in a Polish village, the story recounts the adventures of Janna, the daughter of an innkeeper. In 1990, the concept was spun off into a television movie of the same name.

Written byJanusz Łęski
Screenplay byJanusz Łęski
Directed by
StarringAgnieszka Krukówna
Country of origin
  • Poland
  • West Germany
Original languages
  • Polish
  • German
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes15
CinematographyJacek Prosinski
EditorMiroslawa Garlicka
Running time29 minutes
Production companies
Original release
Release24 September 1989 (1989-09-24)
Janka (1990 TV film)[1]



The series is set in a Polish village in the 1920s and is about the adventures of the innkeeper's daughter Janna and two gangs of children, the "Wolves" and the "Eagles". After a duel between the gangs, Janna receives a ring from her dying aunt, who tells her that it has magical powers. The competition between the children's gangs is also reflected in the conflict between the adults: the conservative grandfather Nowak and the progressive Jakob Bromski, who introduces airplanes and electricity to the town, repeatedly clash. Janna's mother has a difficult relationship with her father and, against his will, is very fond of Jakob.

Cast and characters


Polish version

  • Agnieszka Krukówna as Janka Nowak
  • Tadeusz Horvath as Julek Bromski
  • Krzysztof Kowalewski as Oskar Nowak
  • Joanna Żółkowska as Mother Marta
  • Grzegorz Wons as Jakub Bromski
  • Zofia Merle as servant Adela

German version

  • Eva Michaelis as Janna Nowak
  • Jan-David Rönfeldt as Julek Bromski
  • Franz Josef Steffens as Oskar Nowak
  • Monika Gabriel as Mother Marta
  • Christian Brückner as Jakub Bromski
  • Ursula Vogel as servant Adela


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